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Local Sheriff Dept stands by APD

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Local leaders encourage APD officers to apply . .
By CLAY NEELY|Jun. 18, 2020 -

Don't just "call sick"! QUIT!
--- Quote ---        Local leaders have encouraged officers with the Atlanta Police Department to join Coweta agencies in a statement of solidarity released Thursday . . If you are feeling led to leave the service, we ask that you first consider joining us here in Coweta County. We have open positions and would be honored to have you . .

The statement comes the morning after members of the APD reportedly called out sick as part of a “Blue Flu" following the announcement of criminal charges for two Atlanta police officers involved in the death of Rayshard Brooks by Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard.
--- End quote ---

"For those whose ancestors fought and died in the war, and struggled to rebuild their lives after it, the soldier monument is what it says it is – a memorial to the Confederate dead, as well as a symbol of resilience"

(State law prevents removal of any historic monument)
(Oh NO! Not another "roundabout"!)



--- Quote from: Antisthenes on June 20, 2020, 11:28:53 AM --- 😐huh?

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Pretty simple to understand for those with an open mind.
1. Freedom is not free.
3. Vandalism is illegal

 Here's what I read.  Deluded racists are angry that their long vanquished and opputunistic regime is finally being disassembled and thrown onto the ash heap of history where it belongs.
    There seems to be no compassion left for the traitors that betrayed their Country, subjugated an entire Race of humans and built an empire on the suffering of others? And as I read it, they're angry and frustrated? Such a shame. A Nation is finally bidding good riddance to their effigies.... thrown in lakes, burned and shattered?  Oh, and the filthy renderings of traitors are finally being removed from the Capitol as I understand it as well? Awesome, Nancy, just awesome!
     Oh,finally it looks as if the South wants to rise again then they'll need to do it as Americans? I guess because the Confederacy is not part of our Constitution or National Heritage?  So we'll no longer tolerate glorifying the product of an failed Coup? Wow. About time. So cool!
    As far as the looting goes? Hmmmmm....laws are changing, representation is finally being had and lip service is being ignored. Get in big business pocket and watch it In fact, things seem to be progressing along quite nicely, quite nicely indeed!
      The anachronism's in this Country are dying. Better late than never, but they are slipping away just as they should. And Police Depts. may just have to be culpable and respectful to those they serve and give up racist vigalintism?  Super nice, what a concept. Yes....very nice, indeed! Things truly are progressing.
     I guess Cheeto is doing a much better job than I'd previously considered? Must be a secret agenda. 🤭😏😉
MAGA baby, MAGA.

I have researched my family tree. I have discovered that I have two royal blood lines though the money and title are long gone. I am from Germany, France, Luxembourg, possibly Mohawk (about 1/250,000), Canadian and assorted UK countries. It's interesting to know the path that brought me to where I am today, but that doesn't define what I am today. I am what I made myself. My knowledge, and how I treat others is of my own making. I take full responsibility for it and I don't blame my faults on others.

The BLM members take special interest in their skin color and their heritage. That is their right to do so and I will not deny them that freedom. I don't think it should define who they are as people. I have seen far to many black people escape the life they started in to become great in many fields. Freedom includes the freedom to fail as well as succeed. Taking away the freedom to fail is harmful to a person because they  lose the opportunity to learn and better themselves. I question if the freedom to fail is a freedom that they really want to give up.

The question is why should we deny the children of the confederation to know about their past as it really happened? Like BLM, they have a pride in being rebellious however I have yet to see any movement to reestablish the confederacy or enslave people. Maybe some are offended that they remember where they came from but shouldn't they have the freedom to do so if they want? It's a freedom I claim and BLM claims so why should the children of the confederation be denied what we engage in.

It's important to understand that the civil war was not fought over slavery. It was fought over an issue that was debated with the founding of our country and we still debate today. That issue is what are state powers and what are federal powers. I would agree that nobody, state or federal has the right to enslave another at least without a criminal trial and the south was wrong to do so. We were founded on the idea that all men (and women) were created equal without country of origin, title, skin color or any other factor giving us the right to ignore this fact.


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