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--- Quote ---They say that 'bout teachers and preachers as well.
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--- Quote from: Kiera on June 26, 2020, 06:29:35 AM ---Did you read that entire paragraph?
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Hi, Kiera

I did, actually. But it seemed strange even as a whole.

It reads:

"Transsexuals who are variant in behavior from their biological sex are said to be "expressing their gender identity" and their femininity is said to be a way of showing on the outside behaviorally how they feel on the inside. A biological male who speaks or behaves in a "feminine" way is therefore consciously expressing their cross-gender identification, and this behavior is the product of an identity disturbance (APA, 2000). A biological male transsexual who on the other hand, appears very masculine in manner and lifestyle, has the same gender identity, but decides not to express it, (Samons, 2001a) possibly for fear of some sort of negative reprisal. This would seem to imply then that cross-gendered behavior is a deliberate expression of an internal gender identity disturbance and not spontaneous, otherwise choosing to 'express' or 'repress' a crossgender-identification would not be an option."[/i]

Notice, what is "expressed" or "repressed" is behavior until the very end, until it changes to identification. The wording is well thought out and deliberate. But anyway, the very first sentence alone is enough. The way it's constructed makes the proposed premise false.

... but... analysis like this really has very little bearing on real life. While it is an interesting exercise for when one is bored, it seems to me ultimately quite fruitless.

I did read a bit more in order to write the above—and it just reminded me of the armies of theories and dogma pitted against one another that so terrified me when started to look for a way out. None of whose end results seemed even close to what I needed. LOL.

--- Quote from: Complete on June 26, 2020, 08:59:15 AM ---Speaking from the "privilege" of almost 50 years of lived, post-op experience, l would suggest that such endless worrying and studying and trying to find an answer to those questions is a tragic waste of precious time.

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It is the end result that matters...♡

Wow! Now this was unexpected:

--- Quote ---Am almost GLAD didn't take any of this too seriously 40 years ago!
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This is stunning! I must not be understanding you at all.
Are you suggesting that you have no regrets not having resolved your dysphoria 40 years ago?
Or....that you are content with your current psycho-sexual integration?

Hi, Kiera

--- Quote from: Kiera on June 26, 2020, 12:56:54 PM ---Suppose your right. Surely one can do a lot more today with even less questions asked (or answered) and the only thing that really matters today is PRICE? I'd like to think there's better "follow up" today and with "LGBT" becoming more popular everywhere suppose RL "social success" is now a relative benchmark.

Am almost GLAD didn't take any of this too seriously 40 years ago!
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Hmmm... do you believe that the difficulties you would have faced would have outweighed the peace you'd have felt once assimilated? Or that you'd not have been able to get past the point of passing?

Or is the feeling hindsight based, seeing that you love your children? You wouldn't have had them, of course... and regret is a useless emotion... but do you feel a life of freedom would have been less beautiful than the one you had?

Our situations are obviously different. But I'm the only one I can use as comparison—so my apologies if this is off mark, but I could bear the situation only as long as I thought the destination worse than where I was. But once I saw what might be possible I had to drop everything. It had always been life or death... but I'd been able to shrivel and die slowly. Now it became incredibly acute.

Had I a family the situation would have been even worse... but your children are grown. What is it that is keeping you back now?

--- Quote from: Kiera on June 26, 2020, 12:56:54 PM ---Therapist Erin, who I've known for 12 years, is now retired and, between speaking engagements, mostly just mods various groups mine of which consists mostly of older, post-transition individuals. (age range? 40 to ? ? lol "Dana" was employed/working in 1961 so go figure!)They say that 'bout teachers and preachers as well.
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I see... so she poses the question in question at her lectures, then? Interesting... yes. It might make one think, and I guess an intelligent attender who thinks about it may see the inadequacy of both of the options.

But I hope she does also at least hint of the possibility of true normalcy...

I guess I'm wondering why "mostly older, post-transition individuals" are attending "support" groups.


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