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Transgender Typology and Unification Theory


      Saw this at CDL thought I'd share a "unification theory" that better accounts for the diversity among trans individuals:

--- Quote from: Koloa ---I have conceived of my own transgender typology and unification theory . . And it seems to cover most of the variation we see out there.
--- End quote ---

In the bottom right corner, do you know "at risk" of what?


--- Quote from: Maddie on July 16, 2020, 10:17:11 PM --- . . do you know "at risk" of what?
--- End quote ---

        Maddie while hardly the time to further explore this line of thought when talking about the risk factors associated with "adaptability" I suspect they're referring to depression, suicide and other vulnerabilities related to life issues in general moreso than whether one has the ability to perform a successful transition or not.

When young think were ALL capable of
a successful transition but many, for various reasons,
choose not to instead?
        Does exercising "choice" make me any less transsexual? One must keep in mind that CDL is primarily a crossdress/dream site only rather than an actual "pro-transition" one. For example I would definitely fit into category III because as a male, with considerable help from an accepting family, I was always relatively successful and healthy and did not experience a lot of the negative "psychic issues" that many, both cis and trans, seem to suffer through (high "adapability").
        Never felt the need for a therapist or prescription "mood" medication (lol certain recreational drugs is another story!) and know now that while I married a female for all the wrong reasons I do not regret that decision because 1) of subsequent desired "family" and 2) it was correct for the birth gender I learned to "adapt" myself to.
        But, having accomplished all those "life goals" and my "risk tolerance" being much higher am once again ready to attempt the almost impossible by finishing the transition I started forty+ years ago as a type I?

Did ya catch the link? Veale and Clarke's "developmental theory of sexual orientation."

More later I'm sure . .


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