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Zirconia just joined the Susan's Permaban Club!

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So, fellow members...

A few days ago I found some posts by a very interesting woman on Susan's who had completed treatment in 1974. She'd not been active since 2016. I found her story of survival against all odds moving and intriguing, and browsed through her threads, making notes of posts I thought lovely or thoughtful.

However, when I later went back to look at this one, I got the following message instead:

The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.

Hmmm... I already knew the moderators were watching me. And following me around if they want to is their right, I guess. Deleting someone else's post—or perhaps even a thread—because I led them to it seemed a bit too much.

It was clear from what she wrote that the woman in question had been ostracized and attacked on the forums. As those who have been assimilated a long time ago tend to be. And now something she'd written had been censored pretty certainly because I'd read it. I felt sad. She seemed an absolutely lovely person so I wrote her, a PM, hoping to make contact. And on impulse, motivated by sympathy toward her and vague disgust at what had happened, added my own diagnosis to a thread she'd also posted on.

The Administrator quickly pitched in, commenting on how "the medical terminology has changed," lauding the terms de jour. A moderator followed singing the praise of their "inclusivity." I replied that diagnoses and diagnostic codes are not meant to be inclusive. Rather they're meant to be specific and exclusive. LOL.

But... since the thread itself still seems to exists those interested may take a look at the link above. In case it's deleted I guess I may go into more detail... or post the backup I took just in case.

What's of interest is that the subject of the discussion that followed was the correct use of diagnostic codes and medical terminology. However, a few hours ago I got the following message:

Sorry zirconia, you are banned from using this forum!
TOS #5, ridiculing a transgender person's identity and course of treatment
This ban is not set to expire.

Interesting. My final post on the thread had been deleted in its entirety. So I guess it was the one the Administrator found offensive. And, since due to the ban I'm also prevented from protesting in accordance to the site terms of service I guess... (fanfare...) I won't.٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

Why should I? It's their site. I joined because someone needed information I had. I stayed because I hoped to find information that might help me... but didn't. Instead I was found by someone who helped me. And since they also banned her I guess this is an honor...٩( ᐛ )و

Even so, I am puzzled what in my post justifies banning me. But since the ban is not set to expire I'll never be able ask the moderators directly. So—I guess I'll just post what they deleted below in the hope that they may perchance see this, and hopefully let me know where in it they saw anyone's identity or course of treatment mentioned...

or ridiculed...

Oh, and of course everyone else is also welcome to comment. (=^ェ^=)

Hi, Devlyn

--- Quote from: Devlyn ---Unspecified in this instance does not mean the problem wasn't known, it simply means that I didn't specifically fit into any of the other categories such as F64.0 (transsexual), F64.1 (Dual-role transvestism), F64.2 (gender dysphoria in childhood), or F64.8 (gender dysphoria, other)
--- End quote ---

Did you read the link? What did it state the purpose of .9 to be? And, if you did any further research, those of .8, and .89?

--- Quote from: Devlyn ---I'm genderfluid, non-binary. I embrace a male side and a female side. I desired feminization of my body, which was achieved through HRT and GRS (orchiectomy). This is consistent with the WPATH guidelines:
(Loooonng quote from WPATH Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender- Nonconforming People)
--- End quote ---

LOL. Devlyn... yes, I've read the WPATH Standards of Care for the Health of
Gender- Nonconforming People three languages, actually, semi-amusedly comparing how the nuances change based on language and culture. But I found no mention of appropriate diagnostic codes, their meaning, or use—which I believe the subject of our discussion to have been.

(As an aside, why in your opinion is the full title of the publication never written out in full in discussions like this?)

--- Quote from: Devlyn ---... I suspect that I have worked in the medical field for exactly the same amount of time you have. In any event, that doesn't matter, I leave the doctoring to the doctors.
--- End quote ---

I considered for a long moment what to reply, but in the name of anonymity decided the following should suffice:

I suspect you're wrong.

I base my suspicion on your fairly obvious ignorance of the diagnostic codes' use beyond billing purposes.

And also on your apparent evasion of my simple question, perhaps because replying to it might reveal either lack of foundation in regard to a subject you made claims to—or alternatively lack of knowledge in regard to a subject that you should have knowledge about. (While, I sort of suspect, perhaps also trying to disguise that evasion as a schoolyard-subtle attempt to also discredit me... LOL. I found that amusing.)

--- Quote from: Devlyn ---Fortunately, they did indeed know how to code everything and get me the surgery I desired, my primary care physician, therapist, and the psychiatrist who reviewed my case are all women.
--- End quote ---

Does getting what you want change the official meaning of the code? Or its use? LOL

--- Quote from: Devlyn ---While we're talking about codes, and how pedantic you are about them, here are some of my favourites:
--- End quote ---

I disbelieve that simply pointing out a mistake is usually termed as pedantic... but do thank you for searching for some of the more specific codes in the list. None of which, as you see, end in .9 or even 89. Because the etiology and condition are clearly known. LOL

--- Quote from: Devlyn ---Pen pushers and accountants need ICD codes, it is after all a billing system. But in this technicolour world we live in, and the glorious spectrum that we are all part of, ICD codes aren't much to hang your hat on.
--- End quote ---

And yet you also have mentioned your diagnostic code F64.9 more than once... why is that?

--- Quote from: Ellie_Arroway ---I regretfully have suffered a W22.02 incident...
--- End quote ---

Thank you, Ellie. As you see, speaking in code in real life is not very intelligible. Which is why we use words. But—as Devlyn very efficiently demonstrated above, their specificity is extremely important in the field they are used in. They give an instant picture of the causes as well as the conditions. Which are then further fleshed out by the anamnesis.

Another interesting factoid is that the final written out description of the condition, following the code, remains constant. Thus, in plain language my official diagnosis will forever be transsexualism. And while properly used codes that end in 9 may change after further testing and examination, barring that Devlyn's will forever remain Gender Dysphoria, unspecified. Regardless of how changing political correctness may twist language into new shapes in the future.

Again demonstrating that medicine is not an umbrella.

Not surprisied.

Should've kissed their butt instead. 
I do that, or I just leave that forum for a while when I feel atracked, (usually by that admin)
I didn't post once in 2017 because I was so mad then.

I recently compared D to a Nazi and was "brought before Susan" for it.  Actually my comparison wasn't directed at D, but she seemed to take it on and get defensive and said she was offended by me.
Sometimes I compliment her.  Not fake.  Just disconnected.   I'm immune and not hostile.  Not as afraid to be wrong. 
They are horrified of being questioned..  Must be rough. Too bad for them and their life.


--- Quote ---They are horrified of being questioned..  Must be rough. Too bad for them and their life
--- End quote ---
It really is to bad for them. They not only exist in a Twilight reality, neither fish nor fowl, and must militantly defend their lifestyle. You are correct. They are horrified face of evident facts that contradict the fallacy they are forced to live by.


--- Quote from: zirconia on July 17, 2020, 07:22:27 AM ---Even so, I am puzzled what in my post justifies banning me.

--- End quote ---

I obviously can not say for sure... BUT i will tell you that one the years the most divisive thing I have seen in online forums that has sunk more than few was belief that some were setting up a T* hierarchy, with stealth perfectly passable post-ops at the top.

Anything that even hints at something like that would be a threat to a general board like that (never mind the owner's income in this case!) I have seen it tear forums apart ...

Non mainstream livestyle stuff in general tends to polarize people... even in the T* community.

I was once on a post-op only mailing list with over a hundred member with a number going back to the 70's as well as recent post-ops, some stealth or decades and some out. Basically a pretty diverse group that got along ok and was really good... for awhile...

The list eventually self destructed... but it was not over stealth or out, but between those who were plain vanilla and those into S&M!!!

Anyway I really do think that some important things for people just starting the process can't get discussed on that board and that is very unfortunate given it's high profile... but those discussions can be very difficult, highly emotional, and hurtful for some as well as controversial, making them difficult to moderate in a way that does not let things spin out of control into all out war .. (and I have seen all out war between TSes - and it extended to real lives off the net!)



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