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Trump [Will Win] By A Landslide!

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Trump Won By A Landslide, We’re Going To Clean Up This Mess Now
"President Trump won by a landslide, we are going to prove it, and we are gonna reclaim the United States of America for the people who vote for freedom."

 :) ;) ;D
Trump Lawyers Hold Press Conference at RNC

Retired General Says US Military Intel Group,
Nicknamed ‘Kraken’, Seized Dominion Servers in Germany
"They are guilty of treason,” said Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney

--- Quote ---McInerney elaborates further by stating that President Donald Trump must not leave the Oval Office until the American people have “had a full disclosure of what’s going on.”
--- End quote ---

. . threaten to BOYCOTT runoff elections. Bring it on Beijing Biden (and company) do yer worst!

LIN WOOD: David Purdue, Kelly Loeffler Must Call Out Election Fraud To Earn Votes Of Trump Supporting Georgians
"This is Georgia, we ain't dumb. We're not going to go vote on January 5 on another machine made by China."

meanwhile (old news) Roger Stone to Donald Trump: bring in martial law if you lose election

       My new part/time employer had a Christmas Party at a local in-town restaurant last night (no 'masks' at all mind you!) and one of the young front-desk girls I daily work with REFUSED to "Jay-Walk", cross the street, with me in spite of NO ONCOMING CARS in-sight? All just stood there while I waited on the other side . .

If Andy Griffith's "Barney" had been there it would have been CITIZEN'S ARREST for sure? What is wrong with kids today to constantly live in such HELPLESS FEAR?

--- Quote from: Bob Livingston Alerts ---     Six media giants now control 90 percent of what we read, watch and listen to. These corporations are large feeders at the corporatist, government trough, often receiving special dispensation — thanks to the lobbying efforts of former members of the political class — as bills are crafted, like the proposals to criminalize "hate speech." Beyond that is the revolving door between Congressional and Presidential staffs and government agencies and the major media outlets. These are primarily statists, progressives and neocons, ensuring that their fake phrases are continuously injected into the mainstream.

      So when you read about organizations pressuring other organizations to "take action" against "hate speech," you are seeing kabuki theater in action. It is virtue signaling for political correctness, which is the opposite of tolerance. PC is about conformity to government- and elite-approved thought, speech and deed. The government, its politicians and its idiot PC-preaching pawns do all they can to force political conformity.

Political conformity and compliance are what PC is all about. It is fascism. It is anathema to liberty . . .

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter®
--- End quote ---

Saturday Report! Top EU Scientist Warns COVID-19
Vaccine Linked To Sterilization of Women
Same as "DES" 70 years ago!

Quickly removed by YouTube for obvious reasons

Hawley Urges Trump To Veto Any ‘COVID Relief’
Bill That Excludes Stimulus Checks For American Families


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