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2021 January 14, Election Certification
« on: January 14, 2021, 05:37:53 PM »
I had a series of posts I was going to make before getting into current events but unfortunately the events of the last week have forced me to move the schedule up. I wanted some background about U.S. history that would have made this clearer and I will complete those posts as time permits. The events that have moved up the schedule are the temporary takeover of the capital and the subsequent removal of conservatives from social media. This points to a war on conservatism that could possibly silence the conservative voice and lead to one party rule in this country. Without an opposing view, a country will destroy itself or a revolution will overthrow the government.

To explain the events of the last week, you need to go back 4 years ago. Trump won the election, not because he was a great candidate but because he played the game better than Hillary. Trump understood he needed to win by the electoral college and worked as many states as possible. Hillary used a message targeted at liberal states and ignored the red states. While Hillary was able to win the popular vote count, she didn't have enough red states to win the electoral count.

The left took this hard and felt that they were owed the victory then vowed to take control from Trump or at least win the 2020 election. Hillary had planted a little time bomb that almost worked. To take attention off her email server, she had Christopher Steel write and leak the Steel dossier then paid for it with funds from the Clinton foundation. While the dossier was only intended to win the 2016 election, it went on to become the bases of the Trump impeachment with the truth becoming known after the trial though many may still not be aware of all the facts.

The Democrats knew going into the 2020 election cycle that it was going to take a huge effort to win the election as they didn't have anybody who could match Trump. No strangers to election fraud, they went all out in this election. They raised massive amounts of money amounting to around $70 per voter and then went about spending it early in the election cycle when it would do the most good. A fair portion of the money went to 600 attorneys who would attempt to change the election laws of the swing states to suppress conservative votes and encourage liberal votes. There were about 11 states that were their primary goal and they found themselves blocked in many of the states. Texas was one of them that saw through the effort to change the election laws and were able to totally block the changes. I believe my state of Arizona was targeted as the Green party was removed from the ballot while the libertarian party was left on the ballot resulting in green party members voting Democrat, libertarians sapped votes from the Republicans. I lack the evidence to prove this but the lack of the Green party suggests this to be the case.

Four battle ground states had the election laws unconstitutionally altered to benefit the Democrats. Those states were Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia. The changes were different in each state but in each case, the changes allowed voters who wouldn't normally vote to vote, making stuffing the ballot box easer. The proof is in the results. Trump received a record number of votes but yet Biden received even more. Consider that Trump ran a very active campaign and was all over the nation while Biden made few public appearances and received soft ball questions about his policies. One would have expected a greatly different outcome given this information. Yes, I agree with you that somebody should have cleaned up Trumps Twitter posts and often he was on the nerves of conservative voters but, in 4 years, he has shown he can deliver what he says.

What was illegal about changing the state laws? Article 2 of the constitution and the 12th amendment requires that the state legislature is in charge of making all election laws. Because the lawyers were unable to do this in those 4 states, they went around the legislature by having the governor, judges or election officials of the state make the desired changes. All votes cast through those changes are unconstitutional. Because the votes are removed from all identification and mixed with valid votes before they are counted, it becomes impossible to determine which votes are legal and which aren't. If you would like the view of an expert on this, I suggest you watch Levin on YouTube who is an expert on constitutional laws and the intent of the founders when they wrote the Constitution.

As the result of the huge amount of fraud, it has become impossible to determine through the ballot box who the real winner is. Was the fraud enough to shift the balance to Biden? There are indications that illegal ballot were cast through stuffing the ballot box but were they enough and if so, how many? The only ones who might be able to answer some of these questions are the Democrats and they aren't talking. You may not have seen this information on the major network because they don't have much interest in providing information harmful to their side. The information is available on internet news sites that tend to be more neutral.

Next up is something that people are jokingly calling the summer of love. We have seen Antifa, BLM, anarchists burning cities, attacking police and engaging in looting for fun and profit. We know that Antifa is funded in part by left leaning multi millionaires. BLM is a bit more complex. The leaders are self admitted trained marxist with the social agenda of pushing marxism as our government. People lower in the party may truly believe in BLMs stated ideas and tend to leave before the violence and destruction starts. As for the anarchists, they simply want to destroy everything because something magically will appear that's better than what was there before.

In conservative areas, peaceful protests were permitted but destructive ones were quickly shut down. In Arizona for example, the first and last store hit was Scottsdale's Fashion Square. The destruction was somewhat limited because the place is HUGE and there was a limit to the amount of damage they could do in one night. In addition, there were security measure like safes and locked rooms that slowed looters down. Once it was understood what was happening, law enforcement came down hard, arrested people and prevented another night of looting. In the meantime, people from the area showed up to help clean up the mess left by the rioters.

Liberal areas allowed the mob to run free damaging what people spent a life time building. Yes, most probably had insurance but that is often misunderstood. I had a home theft and what they took could have been sold for $15,000 dollars. I estimate replacing all of that at the time would have cost around $23,000. The insurance company gave me $3,500. Needless to say much of what they took has yet to be replaced as I don't have that much money lying around. For a business it can even be worse because they are closed while they rebuild the business and riots drive customers away.

The government officials in many of those states provided zero dollar bail because of COVID. In some cases, people were arrested and released 4 or more times in a single day. Officials said nothing about the rioting and/or backed defunding police as a solution to the problem. Why did they do it? Many of them are socialist and have a twisted idea that the rioters  are entitled to what they were doing. Others fear losing office if they back law and order. Still others feel that the disorder will reflect badly on Trump and hurt his reelection chances.

Last but not least, the media. The networks and news agencies are staffed by left leaning reporters who support leftish ideas while suppressing conservative ideas. Conservative have few places where they get a balanced view. There are a few conservative networks on cable or satellite, the web has a number of sites, and talk radio. Most conservatives suffer when they walk into an airport when CNN is playing. By the way, the reason CNN has so much coverage in the airports is because they installed all the equipment so they are the ones who determine what is shown.

As for the internet, conservative voices have been suppressed on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The claim is that what is said is harmful, but in the meantime, the Ayatollah is free to tweet about the destruction of western civilization. They hide behind a statement that they fear legal action so they protect others with their actions but this is false. Section 230 was passed by congress to protect sites on the web from legal action as the result of something posted on their site. The only reason for them to actively moderate the site in that manor is to push a political agenda. Also note that the active moderation doesn't apply to left leaning posts. There are many vile left leaning posts that remain untouched indicating an agenda is being carried out.

It was clear the day after the election that something funny was going on. As more information came out, it was hoped that our trust in the legal system would resolve the issue or at least would address the problem so it wouldn't happen again. Disappointment set in when one court after another refused to even look at the case before it. As this is a constitutional issue, the ultimate court on the issue is the Supreme court. Unfortunately for the courts to take up the issue, 4 of the 9 justices need to agree to it. We know that Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas would have agreed to look into the case. It's possible that another Justice might have joined in but they were short at least one Justice.

The last chance was on January 6 before the electoral votes were counted. Over the last 30 years, the Democrats have raised objections to every Republican president, however, this election the Democrats claimed it would be unconstitutional for the Republicans to object to the election. The Republicans held their ground and the hearings were started. Elsewhere Trump gave a speech to a mass gathering. After the speech, some of the crowd moved toward the capital building.

After reaching it, a riot broke out. What started it? One person who was there said there was a group of people with radios and bull horns. One of them announced that Trump had conceded and they were taking the vote. At that point the assault on the capital started. Four barriers manned by security were assaulted and overwhelmed. In the process security guards were injured and one killed. In addition, they damaged equipment belonging to the news media however they left The Blaze (a conservative site) alone and Elijah Schaffer provided much of the footage about the event.

After getting through the barriers, the assault on the building started. One image shows a man attempting to break a window using a police shield which was either taken from someone or brought along for the event. Another image showed a man pounding on a window with a rod. A man stopped him from trying to break the window which was followed by a cheer from the crowd indicating many knew that it was wrong to break into the building. Eventually people were able to get into the building and while there was damage, it was minimal. No fires were started, furniture was overturned and at least one item was removed from the building. A few people realized that was the wrong place to be and exited the building.

Other footage shows a man with a large A on a T shirt chasing a security guard up stars. The man had a large crowd behind him which suggest that the guard would be greatly outnumbered should he engage the man. The T shirt is normally worn by member of Qanon so it's likely the man belongs to that group. Fortunately the event is recorded and the man will be among those arrested.

While it could have been far worse and has been in many liberal cities, it shouldn't have happened. Elijah Shaffer made a quick broadcast from the site and provided additional footage. You have to pardon his manor as he has asthma and said the visibility was 0/0 because of the massive amounts of tear gas used. He made another broadcast on Friday, two days latter and he was still feeling the effects of the tear gas. You have to admire him because he has been physically assaulted by Antifa. They were trying to locate him so they could kill him during one event. Still he has the courage to find the truth and report it even when the truth goes against what he believes.

After the situation was under control, Congress resumed their session however the riot had done its damage. Instead of continuing to challenge the results, many members, possibly fearing for their own skin, moved to end the challenge as quickly as possible and take a final vote. The hope had been to get a 10 day delay to examine the results more thoroughly but instead, the second to the last chance was lost. What's the last chance? There is still one more Supreme court challenge that will take place shortly. It will not overturn the results of the election as that is no longer possible but it might send a message that the election process needs to be cleared of corruption.

Thursday was fairly uneventful but a few of the facts started coming out. At that point it became clear that only a small number (relatively) were involved but it was clear that the very few had done enormous damage to conservative values. For once, the Liberals criticized the actions that took place and the Republicans were along side them. Nobody should approve of what happened and I only write this account so people understand why it happened and can see how to avoid it in the future.

Why did they do it? Many factors go into it. Some of the people find it more acceptable to resort to violence. People are upset seeing the law being disobeyed by rioters and the law not taking action and multiple courts not caring enough to check into a case. Yes, the case might not be valid but all that the people are asking for is to be heard even if they don't agree with the results. Conservatives have their voice suppressed on media and social media while being torn apart by liberals whose actions aren't moderated. The pressure builds and if they aren't able to vent it, it can express itself in an undesirable way. PragerU has a similar view point which covers what I have said in more detail. The video is well worth watching if you have about 3/4th of an hour. Also, should you wish to view the video about the Democrat at the Republican event mentioned in the video, you will find it here.

I have been long winded but now for the real reason for this post. Friday morning Glen Beck and others described how the left started shutting down free speech. Everybody knows about the Trump twitter ban as this has been an ongoing battle between twitter and Trump for a long time. Now that Biden is confirmed and the left has control of the senate, the tech companies see no danger of acting as they want to. On Friday morning, Eric Swalwell twittered that Elijah Shaffer had participated in the riot and that the FBI should come and get him. It's a bit ironic because Eric Swalwell's favorite squeeze was a Chinese spy until the FBI informed him that breaking up would be a good idea. CNN who hasn't done truthful political reporting in years turned an investigative reporter lose on Elijah and that reporter was digging into every aspect of Elijah's life. Old friends, church, neighbors, their wasn't anybody who wasn't questioned. People disregard that Elijah has a congressional press pass which permits him to move freely on the capital grounds. He did no damage, only went where it was open and took only pictures. He even realized that one of the pictures was of an email on a screen so he edited the picture so the email wasn't visible. His pictures are used by many of the press under license and are available to the FBI to be used to identify the people in the building. Things started getting even worse when Elijah's personal twitter account was permanently banned and his Youtube account was demonetized. At last check, the twitter account was restored but other issues may still be outstanding. You can read the initial report here. It's very likely that the account was restored after he did his show providing an hour and 17 minute extended report on the day's activities.

Next was Facebook shutting down Brandon Straka's "Walk Away" page. This page only attempted to convince people that they should leave the radical left. It was not there to convince people that they should become conservative but instead should be closer to the middle of the road. and avoid the destructive nature of the radical left. The Walk Away page employed people and had volunteers maintaining it so closing the page put people out of work. You will find more about what happened here.

The battle continues as hundreds or thousands of conservative voices are currently being banned from social media. Currently the numbers seem to be massive but social media seems to be pretty silent about what they are doing. This wan't entirely unexpected and for months, conservative have been moving to Parler, Gab and Rumble.  Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, along with commentator Dan Bongino have left Twitter in protest  of how the platform treated Trump. They may now have additional reasons because of the how other conservatives are being treated.

Add to it the last little twist, Apple and Google have announced that they are removing the Parler app from their stores. Yes, you can still use the web interface on mobile devices but it's more difficult. Probably Parler will provide a different interface that can be used by mobile devices directly but that will take time. Parler has an additional issue as their site is hosted on an Amazon platform. It looks like they will be going dark for up to a week while they locate another hosting service. Fortunately there may be an ally in the battle for free speech. The ACLU is weighing in on the issue. Often the ACLU tends to side with the left but their roots are grounded in freedom so for them to return to their roots was unexpected but welcomed.

I will get into more history as time permits however the events of the last few days remind me of Kristallnacht, the night of the broken glass. No, they aren't coming for us yet and should they attempt it, it's likely to be very costly. However one has to wonder what is next and where will it stop. Conservatives only want Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We want to live in peace with our neighbors and as good neighbors, we will help them if they need it. We want our neighbors to have the same things we desire and if possible, we will help them obtain them. This clip from Glen Beck pretty well sums it all up.

Fortunately it looks like we aren't alone in the battle for free speech. Left-wing journalist Glenn Greenwald is also on the side of free speech. While he may be the first, my belief in the goodness in human nature causes me to believe that he will be joined by many others. Throughout U.S. history we have seen these radical swings and in the past, the center has pulled us back to were we should be. This could be the start of the return to normal.

The next few months could be trying times for both the country and its citizens. Please be aware and remain safe as the loss of a singe life or freedom, Liberal or Conservative is a tragedy.
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