Author Topic: 2021 February 7, Socialism: A Warning from the Dead  (Read 1222 times)

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2021 February 7, Socialism: A Warning from the Dead
« on: February 07, 2021, 10:52:08 AM »
I was poking around look for something that might be of interest to the few who are still reading me and I found this link. It's from May 2019 and runs about 2.5 hours. Glen covers much of what he has said in the past and in his own scary way, predicts much of what we are seeing today. I haven't completed viewing it but I will when time permits. The video shows how a free country can be converted to marxism without firing a single shot.  Unfortunately the outcome is never good because socialism is destine to fail. What you think may be a successful socialist government isn't socialism but another form of government. The complete version is behind a paywall on The Blaze TV but slightly edited version is available for free on YouTube Socialism: A Warning from the Dead. Glen encourages you not to accept his word as fact but to do your own research however this is fact filled and provides the facts you need to do your own research.

The older generation remembers much of what Russia was like during the cold war so much of this isn't new to us. Unfortunately those born after the cold war haven't learned this lesson and are at risk of repeating the mistakes of the past. 
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