Author Topic: 2021 February 7, Antifa march on Washington DC  (Read 1194 times)

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2021 February 7, Antifa march on Washington DC
« on: February 07, 2021, 06:53:22 PM »
I don't drink or use drugs so I am sober and that means I am thinking and with the probable results of 2+2=5. Anyway my thought tonight starts out with Nancy Pelosi during the inauguration requesting that the National Gards bring in heavy machine guns. These would have no function in normal crowd control as they would result in massive death. Fortunately the request was turned down and only lighter weapons were used. The National Guard is still in Washington and along with the fence, probably will not be removed for several months if then because of a security alert that we have no details about.

With the Bubba effect kicking in with full force, I linked two things together coming up with something in history. We know that Antifa has somewhat of a connection with the democrat part because Kamala Harris was behind a fund to bail rioters out of jail when they were arrested. How much control the democrat party has over them is questionable because they destroyed a Biden election headquarter. The second bit of information came out today and it appears Antifa and Black Lives Matter are are moving their protest to Washington DC.

That sounds very similar to something from history. When Hitler was coming to power, he relied on the Brown Shirts/Sturmabteilung to beat up those who opposed him and put fear into the population so he could more easily control them. As Hitler gained power, he started to fear the Brown Shirts and carried out The Night of the Long Knifes to gain full control of the group. Could it be that the Democrat party fears not the Republicans but Antifa as it has turned into their own Frankenstein monster? We may never know the answer to this one and if I am wrong, it's a good example of how the facts can be put together and get the wrong answer.
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