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2021 February 24, Education System Flaws
« on: February 24, 2021, 08:04:02 PM »
Education is something I became interested in after I had addressed the most important thing in my life because I was accomplishing things that I didn't think I was intelligent enough to do. The more I learned about education, the more I learned that teachers and the education system had failed to recognize conventional wisdom about education in favor of untested ideas about education.

In the 1950's, Wisconsin's education system was experimenting with progressive teaching ideas and I believe two of them caused me a great deal of difficulty. The first was the elimination of phonics from the curriculum. It was replaced with word recognition. Phonics teaches you how to sound a word out, word recognition requires that you learn the spelling of each word without the aid of being able to sound it out. With phonics you are able to read most anything you encounter within a year or two. Word recognition on the other hand takes years to accumulate a large vocabulary.

Anybody who starts with phonics and regularly reads will evolve into word recognition only using phonics when they encounter a new word. Somebody who only knows word recognition doesn't have this advantage and has to resort to a dictionary or guess the word from the context.

That might have produced a reasonable education for most children however we moved from Wisconsin to Arizona as I was starting the 4th grade. Arizona was teaching phonics and by the third grade, you were expected to have a good grasp of reading and you were ready to move onto other topics. The only thing that somewhat saved me was I didn't have friends at the new school so around the fifth grade, I discovered the school library. During lunch I first struggled with the magazines building my vocabulary. I then added the newspaper and eventually books. Eventually I was able to read anything I encountered however to this day, my spelling is lacking.

The second idea is they didn't want parents to help their children with their homework. The reason given is they had a method of teaching children and they didn't want the children confused by another teaching method. I now understand at least part of it was they were so confident in word recognition that they wouldn't acknowledge that phonics might be superior to word recognition. I can confirm this with a story about my great aunt. There is much more to her life but she was a teacher from the old school and a firm believer in phonics. They did everything they could to make her fail so they could terminate her. This included gathering the children having the most difficulty reading and giving them all to her. She was able to succeed in teaching them how to read using phonics so they had to resort to another way to remove her from the education system.

It always seemed like everybody in my class was a couple of years ahead of me. Much latter my mother told me a something that explained much of what was happening. During a PTA meeting, a teacher told my mother that I wasn't very bright but as I was well behaved, she would let me be while helping the other students In other words, instead of trying to determine why I wasn't learning, she allowed me to struggle. I often wonder what I might have accomplished if I had help dealing with my learning issues.

There is more than one way of learning so a good teacher understands how a child learns and adjust their teaching method to what works for each child. Unfortunately teachers may not be trained to do this or worst may not devote the time required to address the child's issues.

Once I was out in industry and not restricted by the slow learning pace of school, I discovered I was able to learn at a very rapid pace. That was when I questioned what is wrong with the education system. How could somebody who did poorly in school be able to resolve software issues better than half a dozen other people? It was pretty clear that the education system in my case was lacking.

There are good teachers out there but unfortunately if you luck enough to get one, it might be after you have missed some of you should know from previous grades putting you at a disadvantage in classes like history or science. You not only need to gain the needed reading skills but you need to fill in the other subjects that may have been affected by reading issues.

The next cycle of altering education was common core. Common core sounds like a good idea because it pushes a nation standard but in the end, a teacher needs to teach to pass a test. A better eduction might be had if the teacher is permitted to explore other areas that aren't on the test. Math might be used as an example. Algebra is the ultimate goal of grade school and high school but algebra is the foundation for trigonometry, geometry, statistics and calculus. Understanding what algebra is good for could lead to a better understanding of algebra. A better understanding of algebra might be had by venturing into the the more advanced areas of math but this could impact how the students test in algebra. Common core can limit everybody the the standard when many be be able to preform above the standard but not in the areas that are tested. 

Now it seems that the education system is moving on to indoctrination. If a teacher is going to discuss politics, the observer shouldn't be able to determine where the instructor is on the political scale. Obtaining balance from another instructor is no longer possible as at the college level as there are almost no conservative instructors left. This is intentional because school tend to hire people who deal in their agenda. A conservative might be hired to teach science where politic are not a part of the instruction, but they are not likely to be hired in the social sciences.

Now the education system is forgetting about even the basic reading, writing and arithmetic and are making Critical race theory the goal of education. Critical race theory is the idea that all white people are racist and if you don't agree, regardless of your skin color, you are a racist as well. This is completely opposite of what Dr Martin Luther King taught. It divides the races, sends the message that blacks are oppressed so there is no point in the competing. Blacks should instead depend on a government to give them a solution. This is the same government that made them wards of welfare, tore down their housing and replaces it with crime ridden public housing and took away their incentive to improve themselves. It's harmful for young white children as it causes an inferiority complex and they no longer can trust their judgement when dealing with children of another race. This is sad because children don't know what prejudice is until they are taught it and that is exactly what the teacher are doing with Critical Race theory.

Glen Beck discusses the problem along with the problems cause by the teachers not returning to their class room. Yes COVID can be nasty but for the young, the risk is minimal. It's only when you reach the 60s that the risk becomes much greater. By the way, I do wear a mask when I am public setting but I wear it to ensure I don't infect others. I don't expect it to protect me and rely on social distancing to help with that.

As an additional example, I have four additional links showing how the education system is out of control. The first is Tucker Carlson discussing how BLM has worked it's way into the class room. I agree that we should all have equal rights, but I have a problem with BLM. BLM is actually two groups. There are many people who's only agenda is equal rights. The founders of the group have a socialist agenda and favor the replacement of the government. This link will provide more on the topic.

The next link shows how even now it's possible for somebody to attend school and not receive an education. The reporter could have gone a bit farther and suggested a few phone numbers where the man could receive adult education. These programs aren't well known but they have been around for a long time. Touched by an angle covered the topic but The Pride of Jesse Hallam (1981) with  Johnny Cash does a good job on the problems faced by somebody without an education.

A football coach fired for questioning what was being taught and a school proud of teaching this material.

It make me wonder what Biden wants to test for. Will it be how well you can preform reading, writing and arithmetic or will it be how woke you are.

In closing, if you wish to explore this subject in more detail, you might want to check out "Underground history of American education" by John Taylor Gatto. This book has two copyright dates of 2004 and 2006 though it may have been reprinted after my date. The book is written by a educator who saw many of the flaws in our education system from the inside. Unfortunately much of his advice has been ignored and the problems are still with us today.
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