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2021 March 28, DUPES
« on: March 28, 2021, 07:38:27 PM »
Are you a DUPE? Before answering that question, let's define what a Dupe is. A Dupe is somebody who as the result of lies, omission of the truth or through deluding themselves about the truth does what somebody else desires but may go against what they desire or believe.

Why am I asking this question? In my last book order I purchased "DUPE How America's Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century" by Paul Kengor. Most are not aware that progressive have been active in this country from the last quarter of the 19th century. That's right, at least 140 years. They started out as marxist light in that they felt the United States could evolve into a marxist country by making changes a little at a time. Because marxism and our Republic are incompatible, we would have to give up our constitution and the freedom it offers. They have made changes in that direction but think of of them as country club socialist and willing to wait for change. This history isn't in the book but I obtained it from other sources some of which I can refer you to if your interested.

Russian marxism on the other hand is the bomb throwing, shoot them up style of takeover as you will learn if you study how Stalin and the Bolsheviks came to power. Both existed early in the 20th century and they interplayed with each other. Initially John Dewey wrote about socialism and the ideas proved very useful to the Bolsheviks cause. Once they obtained power, they set their eyes on the United States. Because they never had more than a membership of 100,000 in the U.S. they used Dupes to gain influence in the U.S.. John Dewey was one of the first but latter he understood how he was being used and turned agains the movement. Progressive were easy pickings because there were enough ideas in common that they though they had found fellow travelers. Had it stoped there, we probably wouldn't be discussing this but Russia managed to work their way into government including the right hand man to FDR as well as much of Hollywood.

We hear much about the McCarthy trial but it turns out much of what we hear is false. Hollywood was put on trial in 1947, long before the McCarthy trial and the trial took place in the house and not the senate. Most of the people on trial realized their mistake and went on to have productive careers including one little known Ronald Reagan who you may have heard about. The list reads like the who's who of Hollywood and the names will be mentioned in the following links.

More modern names include John Kerry, Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy, SDS, the weathermen and Frank Marshall Davis. The last three names on the list are very important because they shaped a young Barach Obama. Obama never denounced their influence which indicate he still believes much of what he learned from them.

How was it possible to write this? A far amount of the material is publicly available and some what obtained through freedom of information request. The real bonanza was at the end of the cold war, Russia opened up the government archives giving the author a window into the workings of the Russian government. We are told the cold war lasted from the end of WW II until Reagan but the archives tell a different story. Through Obama, we may still be dealing with the actions taken by Russia even if they are no longer active in our country.

I have include three links. While he is talking about the same subject in the first two links, there is little overlap in the material. The book 515 pages without the foot notes and the type is small. He has enough material for several additional books as the original manuscript was over a quarter of a million words but it had to be cut to 100,000 for publication. I found the book well worth the $30 I paid for it as it contains history you are unlikely to find anywhere else. This is history that shaped the 20th century and is helpful if you want to understand our country today.

Link one from June 2015

Link two from March 2017

Link three, Paul Kengors channel
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