Author Topic: 2021 March 28, CONTROL: Fighting Lies About "Commonsense" Gun Reform  (Read 115 times)

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Glen Beck is back after dealing with back problem and he took a break from the Great Reset to deal with gun control. You may ask where I stand on guns. As a competitive shooter, I have shot at over 100,000 targets without causing harm to anybody and without a safety violation. I understand that guns have their place and when guns are carried, you need to be aware of how to safely handle them. So far, I haven't had the need to carry one on my person so my guns are always unloaded when I am not actively shooting. Should I have the need to carry  a gun, I will understand how to carry that gun safely as not all guns have the same safety features and need to be treated differently.

Attitudes in this country about guns have changed. During the first half of the 20th century it was common for grade school and high school students to bring guns to school so they could target shoot at the school range after school. Upon arriving at school they would hand their guns to a teacher and reclaim them after school. They weren't required to do this but they did it so they didn't have to carry the gun around all day. Responsible handing of guns was taught young and they learned that guns are not the solution to problems. In my case, my fathers guns were stored in an unlocked cabinet with the ammunition stored in a drawer in the same cabinet. We understood we were not allowed to take the guns out without my father being present and we didn't. We were taken to a range and were allowed do shoot them so the temptation to find out how they worked was eliminated.

People own guns guns for different reasons. Among them are hunting, fun or competition, self defense, collecting and defense of our country from foreign or domestic enemies. Of those reason, defense of our country from foreign or domestic enemies is specific to the Second Amendment though the gun would be pretty well useless without practice and that would require reasons from earlier in the list. Why would somebody not in the military need to defend our country? The founding fathers saw how it was possible to control a population and privately owned guns played a big part in gaining our freedom. Even today, our last line of defense against an out of control government could be a citizen army with personal weapons. Remove these weapons and the government can ignore the first Amendment as well as the outcome of elections. As long as they can assemble and control the military, like any dictator, they can remain in power. It really is a good thing to have the government fear what the people might do as it helps keep them somewhat honest. It's the price you pay when you're elected to office and if you don't like it, stay out of politics or become an honest politician. 

As for gun laws, I have been through the approval process several times. If I had any problems on my record, I wouldn't have receive the gun. The problem is some things don't make it to the record. Several shootings where by people with severe mental problems that caused them to be violent. While their therapist should have reported the problem, they didn't and the purchase wasn't blocked resulting in killings. If anything, the gun laws are overly restrictive in some places and far too lax in others. Normally the fixes don't address the flaws and are more of a throw everything on the wall and see what sticks.

CONTROL: Fighting Lies About "Commonsense" Gun Reform
Glenn tells the truth about how the left is not really interested in fixing the gun laws but making it more difficult for people like me to obtain guns that will be safely used.

Glen mentions a segment that Stu did, The Left Race To Paint a Narrative With the Boulder Shooting – Here Are the FACTS

Mark Levin also has a take on the issue in Liberty is bulletproof and Hands off our guns. Because the full show runs much longer, one interesting fact that wasn't mention on the news. We know that the shooter was muslim but what wasn't mention is the store he shot up was over 20 miles away from his house. Why didn't he pick a store closer to home. It turns out that the store offered kosher items including a kosher bakery. A hate crime not mentioned in the news because the Jewish religion isn't treated as a minority religion. You would think after the holocaust, this would be different but unfortunately it isn't.

For those who think that conservative are anti anything that would take guns from our hands, for your pleasure Ted Cruz OBLITERATES Push for Gun Control After Boulder Shooting.
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