Author Topic: 2021 April 8, Who Is the Real Jesus? Podcast with Dallas Jenkins  (Read 1324 times)

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Dallas Jenkins is doing what many though was impossible. He is producing a high quality series about Jesus through crowd funding and without the aid of Hollywood. I wouldn't have been aware of the series without this podcast but it is very popular and is family grade entertainment.

Dallas talks to Glenn about several subjects including producing the series and the life of Jesus. The series is different than many movies that you may have seen about Jesus in that it attempt to paint a true picture of what Jesus and the times he lived in where like. The discussion includes the state of religion today, how the series has become so successful and the message that Jesus had for us.

You may not believe in god but it's difficult to deny that Jesus existed. For a single man who was neither wealth or a person of power to be remembered for 2000 years indicates the impact that he has had on the human race.

The podcast runs about an hour and twelve minutes. The discussion is more from the historical prospective rather than preachy in nature and I think even if you don't believe in god, you might find it interesting to know more about the man. 

If you find the pod cast interesting, you can check out  The Chosen series. I haven't had time to view much more that a little of it but it is on my to view list. Unfortunately it will be necessary to wait for the remainder of the series to be produced.
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