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 If you enjoy reading the contents of this site and wish to continue doing so, you might want to create an account as it's possible we could lose our hosting service. Money isn't an issue and we would prefer to remain with our provider however with websites like Parler being deplatformed, it could happen to us.

Should that happen, I will host the site on my home system. I already have a test platform  so all I would need to do is move the latest backup to my system. This process could take a few days as it doesn't always go as smoothly as one would like. The site might be a little sluggish as the up side of the link is 5.5 mb but it should do the job.

As we may not be able to keep the domain name, we will review the list of recently used accounts and contact you by email with our new domain name so if you view the site as a member, your account will remain current. You don't need to be transgender to join the site as all are welcome. We will only use your email for direct communications with you and your email account will not be spammed. The email account doesn't need to be your primary email account as long as it gets checked occasionally.

We will not restrict your ability to view the site as a guest so you are under no pressure to join however if we lose the host, we will be unable to inform you of our new location if you remain a guest.


--- Quote from: Dena on April 14, 2021, 10:29:12 PM --- . . however with websites like Parler being deplatformed, it could happen to us.
--- End quote ---

      I don't get it Dena is this "cloud based" and can't you point your domain-name-servers anywhere you want? I have used Surpass Hosting's basic shared s.SSD1 ("HostDime is their new cloud service"?) and Godaddy since 2006 with full control and nary a problem other than my site is designed for PHP 5.4 which no longer exists.
Why can't we stick with the original old stuff that actually WORKED WELL (like Windows 7 Professional) totally hate the "new progressive" junk they peddle and, YES, I think it's dark conspiracy!

--- Quote from: Surpass ---"What sets us apart from most hosting providers is that we actually OWN and OPERATE our data center."
--- End quote ---

        Is it even possible to manually update old code to make it more 7+ compliant? Even my newer version test board on Vb3.8.12 is throwing errors can all be "reverse engineered"?

And what's with Parler? I use Chrome and there's NO SIDE SCROLL BAR and the "up/down" arrow doesn't work either is that deliberate on Google's part?

(pss: I got "mod chastised" by that other site for even mentioning his name (no links!) my god given all the state anti-trans legislation coming down the pike you'd think all these so-called "forum support sites" would encourage youngin's to be a 'lil more "self-helpful"? I've waited 45 years for a doctor like him finally to come along!)

Parler is a twitter replacement and it was hosted on the Amazon server. Amazon didn't like the fact it had conservative values and didn't moderate like twitter with Liberal values so they pulled the hosting. Parler had to find another server capable of handling the load and were out of service for a few weeks.

Parler also used a mobile app for mobile devices and for the same reason, Apple removed it from their app store along with Google who removed it form the android store. The left is getting nasty when it comes to free speech and it appears they will do whatever it takes to shut down opposing view points.

As for our domain name, a lock was placed on it so we can't transfer it. We will work on getting it removed but that still doesn't ensure we will be able to move it when we want to or as fast as we want to. I am currently using No-IP for my private server and while it's possible to move the site name to it, it might not be quick and easy. Besides that, Domain names are indirectly controlled by the government and if the government gets nasty, they could block all conservative domain names. The web is rather fragile and it wouldn't be difficult for people in the right place to control the traffic. My home system uses a dynamic IP address so I can't simply give the IP address out and expect people to find the site. I must instead used something like No-IP that keeps track of where my computer is and correctly routes people to it.

Hopefully it's not going to come down to that but I am a belt and suspenders type person and I want to have all my bases covered. This is a small site and very likely will never be noticed but you never know.

Gate keeping in moderation isn't a bad thing. There are a few people who were treated without it and had regrets. They are now all over the news and are being used against us to justify restricting beneficial treatment. I was afraid something like this might happen when Jenner went public because life was much simpler when you didn't have to keep dodging the spotlight. What is done is done and now we have to deal with a more difficult battle against do gooders who think they know more than doctors and people like me with nearly 60 years of experience learning and dealing with this area of medicine. I am strong enough to deal with people who don't know what they are talking about but what about the younger people still in their teens who may not have adult support? It's clear that many are going to be harmed by not getting the treatment they need and maybe some time in the future people will wonder what insanity happened in both sides of the political spectrum.


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