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« on: May 01, 2021, 02:02:58 AM »
I might as well have been injecting saline with how much difference it made for me . .

         Do you have your estrone levels checked on a regular basis? He starts talking 'bout the "estrone/estradiol ratio" here 'round 32:00. By SA tabs I mean "self-admin", that "28 'round yellow 2mg blue dial pack", with no script or therapist as never felt the need as long as not transiting "socially" but that is changing now, am weary of "no-progress/limbo"? lol Need a bigger closet "shopping" has gotten outta control with "ex", who still lives with me, bringing home things now!  Got sex? HELL NO! Everyone "already knows/is ok" 'cept young son who I hear is "upset" doesn't really like talking 'bout it . .

        Something is not right there your EV dose was HUGE compared to my initial 20ml every 5 days! I was exhausted/tired for 2 weeks but attribute it to the switch and feeling better now. Need to get a bone density test, will email his PA soon as to "where" so she can order it, and then "labs" which, as of now, is still up in the air using Quest Diagnostics (ten miles from house).

Everyone in his office is super friendly and helpful (all via "email") and local pharmacy has been great considering the "conservative area" I reside in!

       Told Dayna (his "PA") may definitely opt for "subcutaneous implant" next year after good baseline established which, of course, requires flying to MI "in person". Don't think "Humana" would cover something "not in formulary" but wouldn't my cost still be applied toward drug deductible?


(ps: when on "tabs" no one believed when breasts starting hurting, reminding me after skipping 'a dose or two'. Was my body scraping "estrone" off the receptors and converting it to the good "E"? After years on "Casodex" - no more! - 'ave no-idea where my "T" is at either!)