Author Topic: 2021 June 6, Golden State Gulag  (Read 1007 times)

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2021 June 6, Golden State Gulag
« on: June 06, 2021, 08:47:20 AM »
While I track the happenings in all states, I pay special attention to California because of the time I spent there. I moved there about October 1976 because at the time, that was the nearest place I could find the therapist I needed. I returned to Arizona mostly because of work and family however I was happy to leave the insanity behind. The last true conservative governor they had was Ronald Reagan. While Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed to be a Republican, he wasn't much of a conservative. Democrats dominated the state government but Orange County where I lived and the eastern part of the state were conservative. The problem was the population centers were so massive that they couldn't be overpowered in a fair election.

Taxes are quite high, the maximum speed in California is 65 miles an hour which may be a good thing because the roads were and are in a state of disrepair. They were tied up with Enron and that was the start of their electrical problems. Cars were more expensive because they had to meet more restrictive pollution control standards. Gas was more expensive because they required a special blend. Yes, the blend helps for a while but fuel injection removed the need for the blend however they haven't removed the requirement. In the mean time, they needed to replace every underground fuel storage tank in the state to prevent small leaks as the blend would destroy the water table. They have a water supply problem because not only have they stopped building dams but they are tearing some down and dumping water in the ocean to protect a bait fish called the Delta Smelt. A pipe line would protect the Delta Smelt but it's cheaper in the sort run to dump the water so that's what they do.

In 2008 the people voted for The High Speed Rail to Nowhere which will not be usable until 2033 and very likely will never produce a profit. Why spend hours on a train when a jet can travel the distance in an hour at a much lower cost. You will still need to arrange transportation when you get there so unless you fear flying, there is no advantage to the train. Lately the state has a super majority of Democrats in the state government. This means what the Democrats want they get and the Republicans don't need to show up. The Democrats went so far as to lock the Republican out of the state house because "they were slowing the process down".

While the homeless have always been a problem in California, the point was driven home when I made a company trip to San Francisco shortly after 9/11. The trip was an interesting story but the unit was located in the office of water and power. At that time they were located in a building that was in the restraurant district and was constructed shortly after the great earthquake. On my way in, there was a light blue blanket covering something in the middle of the side walk. I left it alone and once inside, I asked about it. I was told it was a homeless person. I spent the better part of my day completing my task and then called for my ride. I waited for it outside the building and about that time the blanket started moving. A man came out, folded up the blanket then vanished behind the building only to reemerge a few minutes later without the blanket ready to start his evening.

I returned to Arizona in November of 2011 and while the weather was nice, I am happy to leave the insane asylum. The images in the segment is what parts of California looks like today. For the most part, they aren't in the residential communities but that's only because there isn't a place to stay. Yes, there are a few homeless on the street corners begging money and they camp out in the business areas where they are left undisturbed.

Unfortunately the way the law is (U.S Law), there is only two ways for these people to be helped. The family has to seek control through the courts or the person has to hit bottom and request help. In some cases that will never happen because they are schizophrenic and will not take the needed medication because they think they don't have a problem. 

The promise of the clip is true. If progressive policies continue, this is what your town or city will look like in the future. What I saw in California years ago is what the Democrats are attempting to do to the entire country today.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Rita Mae Brown
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