Author Topic: 2021 June 11, Liberals Willing to Join Conservatives to Save the US?  (Read 90 times)

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Mark Levin doesn't post much where I can link to it for free so this link is somewhat of a treasure. Mark was in in the legal profession and not only studies the constitution but studies the people behind writing it. He has an extremely good grasp of what the constitution was intended to do and why the values it contains are still important today. He started is career started in the Reagan administration and now he is on TV, Radio and The Blaze instructing people on constitutional values.

It is important to note that there are Democrats, Republicans and the constitution. The constitution is the most important of the three because its values are unchanging. What is is to be Democrat or Republican varies from election to election and from one candidate to another. This is why I don't belong to either party and while my politics resemble conservatism, they are those of the constitution. I vote for the lessor of two evils and there are a few Democrats that interest me. I will just have to wait to see who will run against them before deciding.

This segment runs about 55 minutes discussing  values that both Democrats and Republicans should be able to agree to. These are values that have joined us together for over 250 years and maybe if we remember them, they can join us again. Many conservatives already believe this and I hope you find it enlightening.

Liberals Willing to Join Conservatives to Save the US
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