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2021 September 09, Federal Reserve Changes it's loan policies


This topic might sound boring to you as most people don't have much of an interest in the economy. Why it's important to you is because it's forecasting your future. Already the Fed is buying up government paper leading to inflation. They have done so much of this that those who receive Social Security will receive a 6% bump because of the increase in the cost of living. That brings us to what the Fed has just done. They changed policies so the banking industry could become unstable leading to another economy crash like the housing crash that occurred around 2008.

I saw the last one coming so I cleaned up the loan on the house and did what I could to save money and cut expenses as much as possible. By doing so, it made it possible for me to move from California to Arizona and buy one of the discounted houses on the market. That was probably the only time in my life I came out better after the crash. Previously I would lose my job and have to rebuild my savings. I would suggest you do what you can to be as self-sufficient as possible because the government isn't likely to help you much this time around.


--- Quote from: Dena on September 09, 2021, 08:19:43 PM --- Already the Fed is buying up government paper leading to inflation. They have done so much of this that those who receive Social Security will receive a 6% bump because of the increase in the cost of living.

--- End quote ---

That is a significant overstatement. I have an issue with reducing complex multifaceted problems to a single source by those with a political agenda. All it does is muddy the waters and make solving problems harder.

First the year over year inflation number is comparing now to a time when the economy was shut down with the covid lockdowns. The result of that was a significant drop in consumption for a number of things and  prices for  things like gas were severely depressed. and significantly lower overall economic activity.

Another result of COVID ALL OVER THE WORLD has been supply chain disruptions that are continuing now. As the economy began opening up those supply chain disruption caused shortages (one example is car manufactures shutting down plants due to chip shortages).  And by the law of supply and demand when there is a lack of supply with increasing demand, prices rise.

Those are not the only factors but they are significant ones and the seem to me to be much bigger factors in teh source of the inflation than the fed buys which are meant to prevent the economy from falling.


Been watching youtube docs A LOT these days but NO, do not want to "subscribe" (support "big tech"), despite "ads" getting much worse everyday!

Every AMERICAN Will Try To Leave The Country Once This Happens... - Peter Schiff Latest Interview Peter Schiff is an honorary chairman of SchiffGold, founder of Euro Pacific Asset Management,...

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Central Bank Digital Currencies
Scumbag Communist Dem's are showing true colors
they're crashing our dollar & economy on purpose!
(all in the name of "we need more of your money"
and, hehe, China's fast going down the tubes!)

--- Quote ---*Dangerous New Proposal To Change Banking As We Know It*

While most people are distracted over by the Pandemic, Lockdowns, and Mandates. Or Afghanistan, Elections, and what Texas is doing. The US Government is quietly trying to sneak in some new legislation that will fundamentally change the entire banking and financial system as we know it today. And this has a massive impact on you, your privacy, and your money

In this video, I will explain:
-  what this new piece of legislation is
- how earlier test's of these new measures, had horrible and disastrous outcomes
- what effects this will have on your money, your privacy, and freedom
- how this fundamental shift will forever change banking and the financial system
--- End quote ---

Also, they're releasing Arizona and Georgia Election audits Friday huge FRAUD, Trump really did win! (ps: been watching more of Glen Beck lately . . and today he was literally crying over what went down in Afghanistan. This IS personal, and every Biden voter IS to blame IGNORANCE will be no excuse!)

In conjunction with my reread and research of many recent article discussions of "Atlas Shrugged" found a good vid that honorably mentions the following as well . .

--- Quote from: Anarcho-capitalism ---Political philosophy and economic theory of stateless capitalism and private ownership
Anarcho-capitalism is a political philosophy and economic theory that advocates the elimination of centralized states in favor of a system of private property enforced by private agencies, free markets and the right-libertarian interpretation of self-ownership, which extends the concept to include control of private property as part of the self. In the absence of statute, anarcho-capitalists hold that society tends to contractually self-regulate and civilize through participation in the free market which they describe as a voluntary society.
--- End quote ---

Do We Actually Need Taxes?
(especially "income" let alone "democrats")

Some local news "Thou Shall Not Trespass"!

The meaning of the Constitution 101


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