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That my doctor is investigating, pursuing . . love being his "guinea pig"!
--- Quote ---"I've started looking into Igf-1 levels to see if I can correlate it to those in the practice with excellent vs poor development . . I'm trying to manually select the most extreme examples in both directions to see if something useful comes out of the noise. But I'll order the lab on anyone who asks for it."
--- End quote ---

Hormonal breast augmentation: prognostic relevance of insulin-like growth factor-I (btw: that's MY definition of a "boygle"! I can play 'stupid is as does' too!)
"Me 't' 't' 'trans'? What's that?"
Noticed this today: UK court rules against trans clinic over treatment for children

--- Quote from: LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) --- - Children aged under 16 will need court approval in England and Wales to access puberty blockers after a landmark ruling on Tuesday amid a global debate about the age at which a child can choose to transition gender.
--- End quote ---

       16? Sixteen! That's still wayyyy young 'ell kids in the US can't even drink or smoke until "21" . . without parent permission that is? Methinks the term "TERF" is thrown around wayyy too much as well if by "court order only" wouldn't that simply mean parents saying 'ok', needing to be more involved? Of course, NOBODY today cares what us "old folks" think or do but but . .

THANKS ACTIVISTS! Seems hard to even talk "trans" these days WITHOUT getting "political"? *sigh* Stumbled across this yesterday: "Transgender Marxism" I truly think many/most are "up-in-arms" these days chiefly due "FtM" . .

        "I have a couple of theories about the fascination with male-to-female people, and the first one is: We are such a paternalistic and male-focused culture that a man willing to cut off his dick is sort of fascinating to people. But then if a woman wants to become a man—well, that's expected. Why wouldn't a woman want to be a man? I really do think it's just that stupidly basic."

      I suspect young FtM do experience much greater "body dysphoria" than MtF as we're, in general, not so quick to life-altering "surgeries", if at all? (OMG breasts are still bothering, cannot wait 'till extra BT end of this month, despite being cut back to "absolute minimums" Couldn't help but joke: with such an engorged clitoris (any FtM would envy?) have my recessed gonads MAGICALLY turned into "ovaries" as well!)

FOOTNOTE: Quest Diagnostics "IGF-1, LC/MS"

Reference Range(s)
 Pediatric   Male (ng/mL)   Female (ng/mL)
<1 Years   14-142   17-185
Pediatric Tanner Stages   See Laboratory Report

Alternative Name(s)
IGF1,Somatomedin-C,Insulin Like Growth Factor,IGF 1,Insulin-Like Growth Factor


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