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2021 October 7, How King Biden Is KILLING the Constitution


The title on this one is a bit misleading. Yes, Biden is preforming unconstitutional acts but he isn't the only one. In addition, this video is really about understanding the constitution without reading the constitution. Your freedoms are protected through the bill of rights so understanding them is very important.

Not covered in the video is the government has very limited powers that are listed in Article I, Section 8 of the constitution. It is a violation of the constitution to enact laws that aren't listed in that section however that doesn't slow the government down unless the courts do their job and call the government out.

This is the point I have attempted to make with my posts. The limits of the constitution should always be included in any discussion of a policy. If you violate even one clause of the constitution, you violate the entire constitution. Laws have meaning only if you follow them and failure to do so results in anarchy.

How King Biden Is KILLING the Constitution

Tucker Carlson had a segment about hypocrisy on the left. The segment discusses how we are no longer a nation of one set of laws for everybody. Our legal system is now a double standard. If your doing something the left approves of or if you're clearly on the left, most laws no longer apply to you. If your on the right, not only to the laws apply to you but punishment exceeds what normally would be given. It's a good read because it covers multiple cases clearly showing the pattern in our legal system. When the law no longer is equally applied to all, we are no longer a nation of laws. We tried this once before when slavey was allowed. It took a costly war to end the injustice so what will it cost this time?

The hypocrisy of the left has left America in a nightmare scenario


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