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How Biden and the Dems/Commies Are Destroying Our Country


Hi Folks,                 14 October 2021

Here's a partial quote from our Ass-Hole in Chief:

Biden says ".... number of unvaccinated Americans 'unacceptably high,'.... " insists "mandates 'working'...." Nothing he does is working for us. It is working towards the Destruction of Our Country.

He won't even take questions at the end of a "Press Bull Shit Session." Face the realities, you were duped into voting for this piece of crap.

Our Country is being destroyed as we watch and will be replaced by a Tyrannical Commie Dictatorship. Once that happens, there won't be anyone that will come to our aid.

So keep supporting this evil regime if that's what you want. We still have a modicum of freedom but, it is being eroded daily.

Best Always, Love



One can apply this "algorithm" just 'bout everywhere!


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