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2021 October 16, The Founder Bible


In the 1960 movie "The time machine", the question is asked which three books would you take? I wouldn't want to stop at three because much would be required to rebuild civilization however I know two must have books. The Federalist Papers with the introduction by Charles R Kesler. I picked that book because it's the best single book to use as a guid to construct a government. The only problem with the government it outlines is we don't follow it. This is because the founders were deeply religious and never expected men to run it who weren't.

Forget what you have been told about religion and government. One of the first issues that congress addressed was to ensure that the country had a sufficient supply of bibles.

Daniel Webster was approached with a case where the family wanted to break a will. The will was for several million dollars and the money was to be used to establish a university. One provision of the will was that no priest or minister be allowed to teach in the school. Webster argued that you can't have a school without religion. The judge agreed but added that it would be acceptable for a lay person to teach religion.

The McGuffy Readers could be found in any classroom and have been used to teach generations of students. Its use was discontinued in the twenty century because of its religious content. It is still available and in print however it currently is used mostly for home schooling.

The function of religion is not to have a national church backed by the government. That would be forbidden by the Constitution. Instead religion would install the values in the people so they wouldn't break their oath of office. This is far different than today where often the first action our government leaders take is a vote that violate their oath of office.

This takes me to the point of the post. For years I have been looking for a good bible. I wanted one that was easy to read (no old english like the King James versos). I have found that bible which would be my second book. It's the The Founders Bible. It's easy to read because it's based on the Updated New American Standard Bible. This is a modern day retranslation of the original text so it's accurate and reflects the english we are currently using. The bible also includes descriptions of the scripture explaining what the passage is about. You will also discover American stories about many of the figures in American history and how religion was a part of their life.

The book is heavy and has over 2,000 pages. One word of warning, The pages are thin making the book about 2 inches thick. As the result you need to handle the pages carefully or else you might tear a page. For comparison, A box of copy paper is 5,000 sheets and 2000 pages would normally be 4 packs of paper. Normally 500 sheets of copy paper would be a little less than 2 inch. It's common for bibles to be printed on papers of this thickness and as long as you handle it carefully, the bible should last many years.

If you looking for a bible to add to you collection, you should consider this one. It's available on some devices in electronic form and you have several to chose from in paper form. I purchase the Second edition hard cover as it's easy to store and it should hold up well to normal usage. The purchase price for my copy was under $80 with the shipping included.


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