Author Topic: How to Install a blind in the ensuite bathroom window. A guide.  (Read 1382 times)

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How to Install a blind in the ensuite bathroom window. A guide.
« on: December 31, 2019, 02:40:54 AM »

The adventure of the blind!
Cindy prepared well. The drill, the drill bit, the tape measure, screw driver and ladder were prepared
The ensuite was arranged, loo seat down, window ledge cleared, sink plug in place.
The box with the blind was placed on the bed and then we began to open it.
Cindy retreated to the tool box and retrieved the box cutter.
Ahh we forgot the first aid kit as an elastoplast was applied to the wound. The bleeding will stop soon. Why do they make sharp boxcutter blades? Dumb thing.
The tape measure was in use. Measure twice and cut once!
Nothing to cut except for my hand and the elastoplast was on that so... we  began
The holes were placed and drilled and it looked good!!!
Mmm the walls aren't level in the window so the blind doesn't fit by..........| | that much.
Plan B was put into action
Fill in the holes with polyfilla and we have spare paint - nothing lost!
Put the blind above the window instead of in the window.
The measurements took place. Check three times not twice!!! I won't get fooled  again!!
The drilling began - seems to be taking a long time! Cindy checks the drill.
Ooops I'd forgotten to reset it after taking the screws out so I hadn't been drilling in.
I think a coffee is called for. Damn drill. I hadn't realised they make left handed ones!!
All good.
We get into the ensuite and drill the holes - after a four time check.

It looks good!
Fit the blind and try the chain to wind the blind down and up and....
It doesn't work.
The chain falls off.
Cindy takes the blind down and decides to firebomb the shop it came from
Cindy decides that this is a bad idea in the current fire crisis
Cindy goes to YouTube and looks for... How to fix a blind when the chain falls off
There is one!
This happens and many people suffer the problem!
You undo the screw and pull the thingy out and rebuild it and ....
Mine doesn't have a screw
I check the comments on the YouTube video and one person post that their blind doesn't have a screw and what to do!
I find the reply!!
You get some pliers and push in the thingy and pull and swear and sweat and curse and then it falls to pieces on the floor!!!!
This is good!
I rebuild the thing singing a happy song in a mute voice.
Back to the ensuite
I put up the blind and ...
It works!!!

Next. Repaint ensuite wall.