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I was waiting on others today so I worked on adding features that you might have used to on other sites. Several of them have compatibility problems and can't be added at this time. The following features were added.

Viewing a persons activity in their profile. This is in and functions without issues. As always, there are areas that can't be displayed because you lack the privileges.

The ability to change the color of your text. Profile>Modify Profile>Forum Profile. bottom of the screen is where the settings is located.

Buddies list. This was two modifications. One allows you to edit and control your buddy list and the other displays your buddy images in your profile. The images are a good deal larger than I expected so if I figure out what the issue is, I will try to get the size more reasonable. Because this feature operates differently than the default feature, you should remove all your buddies and then add them back in. This will ensure that all lists will be accurate.

By not so popular request, I went digging through the modification and found a little gem. This feature allows you to mark the text in your post so only members can view it. Please limit your usage of the feature as guest might be confused by your posts. It appears that BBC codes don't work within the bracket so check your work to verify that the text is as you expect it to be as a member or a guest. The format is as followed. Anything within the brackets will only display to members but text outside the brackets will display normally.

[only_members]Some information here[/only_members]

Thank you, Dena... be useful... LOL


--- Quote from: Dena on May 14, 2020, 07:00:15 PM ---[only_members]Some information here[/only_members]

--- End quote ---

It looks like other tags enclosed within only_members get ignored.

There are rules when nesting BBCs as to the order they may appear in. If you nest them in the wrong order, they will not function as expected. It appears that this tag must be on of the innermost tags, probably because you might want to make something vanish in the middle of a pile of tags. It's not something that can be changed without digging into both the mod code and simple machines.


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