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I was reading Julie Elizabeth Peters book  "A FEMINIST POST - TRANSSEXUAL AUTOETHNOGRAPHY" when I came across this dialogue between the heart and the head. It really struck a chord! It was uncanny! It is just how I have been feeling for the last few years! Has anyone felt like this?

Heart: Dear Head, we need to talk.

Head: Don't call me Dear! You are trying to ruin my life.

Heart: We need to acknowledge how we feel.

Head: We can never be a woman. You know that, don't you?

Heart: Its what we need.

Head: Its stupid, its not logical.

Heart: We are female, a woman.

Head: Bullshit ! We have XY chromosomes and a willy.

Heart: Cant you see we are very close to our breaking point?

Head: The way we are living sort of works...?

Heart: We have tried keeping the lid on this pressure cooker desire to be a woman but at the cost of never feeling joy. If you turn off one emotion, you turn them all off.

Head: But we're really know? A bloke.

Heart: We will never be a bloke.

Head: You are so emotional!

Heart:  .... Now ?....You must have noticed we are stressed ?

Head: Now thats an understatement! And you know its your fault. If we simply didn't have emotions we would be fine.

Heart: If you don't admit we can't live as male, WE are going to crash very soon! And based on your 39 years of acute logical observation, do you think we might be close to that point ?

Head: ... Yep...

Heart: Have any of our androdgynous compromises worked for any length of time ?

Head: ...No.

Heart: You know I'm right don't you ?

Head: ... You might be right.

Heart: You do know what I'm saying, don't you ?

Head: ...Maybe ?

Heart: We live as a woman, or, to be logically accurate, we live in a way that society sees us as a woman. That will work for me, and if you insist on rationalist accuracy, you can go round telling everyone our history.

Head: I guess I could almost live with that.

Heart: Almost ??

Head: Ok,  I can actually live with that. But ... this is very scary ! What if it doesn't work ?

Heart: Now there's a turnaround ! - Head is scared and Heart is logical !

Head: ....Um... we are only human.

Heart: What ?? ... Does that mean you agree ?

Head: ...?? Well ... yes.

Heart: Whats there to lose ?

Head: My willy ?

Heart: A small price to pay for your happiness and sanity !

     Yours truly, Kirsten. X
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