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--- Quote from: Linde on January 11, 2020, 11:34:57 AM ---So sahen die Frauen in meiner Heimat damals aus, und an den Fuessen trug man Klompe, wie man sie auch oft in den Niederlanden sieht.  Ich besitze noch ein Paar Sonntags (bemalt)und Wochentags (Arbeits) Klompe

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Mein Vater hatte solche Klompe(n?), die waren ein Souvenir aus Amsterdam, aber er trug sie manchmal wenn er im Keller an etwas arbeitete...


--- Quote from: Linde on January 12, 2020, 09:56:43 AM ---What do you girls wear mostly?  here most women wear pants, mostly Capris, or leggings/yoga type pants.  I have some of those, but don't really  like to wear them.  If I wear pants, I wear Capris.  But most of the times I like to wear skirts, and for hat mostly longer, wider ones, because thy allow me to you "commando" in very warm weather!

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I realize that most women wear pants most of the time, but for me they don't feel right. Here is why: I don't have the wider hips and narrower waist that women typically have, therefore any pants look awful on me in the sense that I look very masculine in them. On the other hand if I use skirts with an A-shape that flare out, it does give me an accentuated waist line and the entire body shape looks much more feminine. I would love to wear more pants, but until I develop narrower hips and a wider waist I'll continue to avoid them. Its a pity because I do have some nice long legs...

Also, with pants I have to tuck, while with most of the skirts I don't, which makes them much more comfortable to wear.


--- Quote from: Lexxi on January 13, 2020, 01:08:58 AM ---I can tell you this...I'd never wear those things if I went out dancing. ;D ;D

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If you are dancing with a guy who is not very skilled at that you might need those shoes as a protective measure!


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