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Have you ever smoked?


Katie ellen:
It seems like a lot of transgender people that I see on forums either smoke, have smoked, or are now vaping. I've never done any of them. Ever! I did grow up with parents that both smoked and we were always trying to get them to stop. And this was the sixties. Unfortunately, this helped kill them both when they were in their 40's.

My sister started smoking in her late 30's and had to have heart surgery in her mid-sixties. I'll never understand that decision knowing what we knew. To each their own, but I'm sure glad I never started. I doubt very much that I'd be here right now if I had.

I have never smoked.

I have never smoked.  In the mid 1960s, at school I saw a film showing the risks, including lung cancer, although tobacco companies disputed the link between smoking and cancer for many years afterwards.  It seemed to me that for something that you have to learn to like, spending a lot of money on something that at best reduced your stamina and at worse killed you, it was not a good way of spending my money.  Fortunately, I wasn't subjected to much peer pressure, as few of my school friends smoked.

My parents smoked like chimneys until their sixties, spending much of their lives in countries where tobacco was cheap, but it caused health problems and they had the willpower to stop smoking.  They both lived into their mid eighties.  However, I grew up in a house where smoke hung in the air, creating a visible film, especially when they had friends over.  There are cases of people who are believed to have developed lung cancer from passive smoking decades earlier, so I suppose that I am still at risk. A neighbour who never smoked had to have much of a lung removed, and he believed that it was because of all of the tobacco smoke in the cafes where he used to work.

I never smoked. I couldn't stand a room filled with cold smoke.

Besides, my dad would have killed me if I started to smoke when I was young...


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