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Site info"? "Politics" or "Religion"?


ok ok Am unsure where to put this but prior THREAD DIVERSION possible! One "quotes", copy then "pastes" it somewhere else! As long-time user/site admin elsewhere do I 'ave to teach ya's everything?

We're like one car wreak following another off a bridge!

--- Quote from: Katie on January 11, 2020, 08:32:00 AM ---Hi, Kiera. I read your footnote. I think you misunderstood . . .
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;D :) 8) ok, not to entirely change subject, but where did Katie's "Applaud" button go? (grrr . . "I do not like "Tapatalk" 'Sam'antha I am!)"

--- Quote from: Katie on January 11, 2020, 08:52:09 AM --- . . every men's group meeting at our church. I loathe the experience
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      No pain here I go 'cause sincerely enjoy the company you need to find a new church! Don't talk about beer, sports or women for that matter most are MARRIED don't dare (i make jokes tease them 'bout it ;D ) It's easy to do 'cause:

Most women ARE democrats!
(well that's weird! Mine usually stick to scripture, Jesus and devotions which, as a "Catholic", am not really accustomed to)


--- Quote from: Katie on January 11, 2020, 03:41:48 PM --- . . where the guys gab with each other about all the "guy" stuff, and then . .
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     Yea our Sat 7AM Cracker Barrel breakfasts with "Graham" are usually informal this way but "Kelly", our 6:30 Weds night leader at the church, is much more serious tries hard to keep us straight. lol Got seriously chastized once over making a joke about democrats where EVERYBODY ELSE laughed but NOT him, think I hit a nerve?
      All seemingly "ganging up" on one, even if accidentally, is definitely not fair felt bad for both of us afterward - me for bringing it up and him for being so "touchy" and reacting badly. I think we've both realized since that there's more to each other than what's apparent, simply meets the eye.
      Due to contentious divorce now ten years ago with both of us, 'ex' and I, "crying on shoulders" Head Minister Steve KNOWS for a fact how much I like "being the girl" and, getting "hug"s regardless, perhaps Kelly is definitely aware too? lol No "group confessions" from me forthcoming yet . .

But I do truly enjoy all his
phishing, prying and TRYING!
(and the other guys just *smiling*)
(Steve called the house tonight offering to help Tamara by paying for her prescriptions again 8) It's just that kinda church, where everyone hobs and helps each other together!)


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