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Anybody Else on Medium . .
« on: January 11, 2020, 11:05:37 PM »
dot com?

Empowered Trans Woman
Highlighting The Journey of Exceptional Women

     For the $5 price of cigs per month it's an exceptional value with every angled viewpoint imaginable and there's "applauding fans" with comments too! (There's also "Transgender Writers" on Facebook and with the liberal rag New York Times, having a similar deal over Christmas, there's enough to keep one busy for a long time to come!)

Submissions Do you write about the trans experience? Send us your work!

Before We Begin: by Cassie Brighter
"A note on virtue-signaling & callout culture" (or "What Do We Do About Women With A Penis"?)
The Long Awakening: Why I Transitioned
by Grace de Oliveira

I certainly don't agree with everything that's expressed but only way to get one's own voice heard is to join in the frey!

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