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Hola mis amigos y amigas,           Wednesday - 15 January 2020

Recently noticed I was having vision problems unlike anything I have experienced before; vision out of my left eye in the peripheral area seems blurred at times and then will clear up. At other times I'll see wavy lines (Aura) but in vivid color along with sparkles similar to some fireworks, except without the explosions.

Made an appointment with an eye doctor I have used for the past four or five years. Saw him last Thursday; he ran a battery of tests peering into my eyeballs using all forms of high tech instruments.

He was able to see and photograph the optic nerves in both eyes. The left was inflamed and appeared to be bleeding or leaking some blood. Needless to say we were both concerned. He ordered 9 different blood tests and a MRI of my melon and orbits, in two stages, without dye contrast and with. Today, I picked up the reports for the MRI and the BT.

The melon and orbits appear normal, no sign of abnormal tissue. The BT has a few anomalies; Dena suggested we compare our BT results. Turns out they used male ranges for my tests, which appear low. Comparing my numbers with Dena's put me in the correct ranges. Sure enough the report has me as male. My T is effectively 0.0 and my E should be up a little as I had resumed using Estradiol for almost a week when they took the blood samples.

My eye doctor is supposed to call today and let me know what he thinks. I also have an appointment with my primary late this afternoon. Hopefully, we can figure out what is going on with this raggedy old body.

When Dena and I have a definitive answer to these medical issues, She will post a response here on this thread.

This is my final post on this site.

Wishing all my friends here good Luck and smooth sailing. Hasta luego

Best Always, Love


I have been offline for a while and wish that I had responded sooner.  I hope that all goes well, and that you will be back.  God bless.


--- Quote from: MaryT on January 26, 2020, 12:56:43 AM ---I have been offline for a while and wish that I had responded sooner.  I hope that all goes well, and that you will be back.  God bless.

--- End quote ---

Hi MaryT,                27 January 2020

Thank you MaryT for your post. I hope You are doing well.

Good Golly, I really like the year being 2020, so easy to type.

Now to the eye issue. I have had an eye exam twice, two MRI's back to back, an MRA and now I have an appointment with an Eye Specialist Monday afternoon 03 February 2020. I talked with the staff there and they said the doctor will be spending about 2 hours with me.

My primary put me on Doxycycline for 10 days just incase an infection was the cause. I have only noticed a small improvement with the symptoms; my second eye exam showed no improvement. There is swelling in the optic nerve and indications of blood/bleeding. I hope the doctor I am going to see can fix this problem easily.

That's about the extent of the eye news for this edition. I have other news I could post but I don't want to rain on anyone's parade. I'll save it for a slow news day.

Take care MaryT.

Best Always, Love



--- Quote from: Tia on March 04, 2020, 03:57:27 PM ---Laurie and Christine, I am quite familiar with the ocular migraines and have been experiencing them for the past forty years. Sadly, recently they have been regularly followed by really bad head aches. Christine, you mentioned that the distortion is only in one eye. Optical migraines are a brain thing and show up in both eyes though often being on the periphery it may seem like only one eye. A test is to cover one eye and then the other and see if the distortion is there in each. If this is the case and you don't have associated pain, there doesn't seem to be a down side other than not being able to focus well for fifteen to forty five minutes. Good luck girlfriend!


--- End quote ---

Hi Tia, and All,               04 March 2020

I went to an eye specialist about a month ago and have a follow-up scheduled for this coming Lunes en la tarde. His diagnosis was "Vitreous Detachment," which is part of the normal aging process in ones eyes. What's with this aging stuff? I'm still 25.... only in my mind.

Aging is the main cause. Other risk factors:

1. 50 or over.
2. Eye inflammation.
3. Eye Injury.
4  Eye surgery.
5. Hemorrhage in the eye.
6. Myopia (Very nearsighted).

He said it should resolve itself within a month. It's been almost one month since I was there and it seems to be pretty much resolved. I can say this with certainty, I am careful to NOT rub my eyes when they itch.... or any other time.

When he and I were discussing my situation, I mentioned that about two weeks prior to experiencing the symptoms, I had been here at my desk, when out of the blue, I developed a severe case of itchy left eye. It came on all of a sudden and my first impulse was to rub my eye vigorously. The more I rubbed, the more my eye itched and the more I rubbed it. It got to feeling quite bad to the point I wanted to yank my eyeball out and stomp on it.

In a rare moment of sanity, I thought better of that idea and washed my face and put anti itch eye drops in my peepers. Seemed to take care of it. Don't remember exactly when I started noticing the visual anomalies, just that they seemed to be getting "Worser and worser." went to my regular peeper doc; he ran so many tests I felt like I was back in grade school.

Long story short, I had two MRI's and an MRA, blood tests and numerous others. They checked my melon every which way, front to back, side to side and inside out. They found nothing except what appeared to be the wrinkled remnants of an old sponge. I guess at my age I was lucky they found that; beats an MT head.

So this coming Monday I'll pay him another visit to see how things are progressing inside my eyeball. For the most part the anomalies seem to have dissipated.

I took a liking to this Doctor when I saw him sitting in his office with one of his pooches. He even has a special room there for his pups to play in; he has about 16 dogs he has adopted. Lucky Dogs.

That about does it for this episode; tune in next time: "Same Bat Time , Same Bat Channel."

Best Always, Love


I'm glad that your eye problem has improved.

I pretty much stopped rubbing itchy eyes many years ago, when I encountered communities of San hunter gatherers in Botswana.  In one of the communities, most of the adults were completely or partially blind, and had to be helped out by nearby communities.  The District Commissioner explained that there had been an unusually wet year in which grass, especially in one area, had flowered and released an enormous amount of pollen.  Everyone in the worst affected area rubbed their eyes raw, especially the children.  That was not what caused their blindness, though.  Flies settled on their swollen eyes and the children did not wipe them away.  The flies laid eggs and the children grew into a generation of blind or partially blind adults.


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