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"Consternation and Distress"

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I have been warned that my comments regarding the distinctions between Transsexuals and transgenders is contrary to the beliefs and desires of many of the membership on this site.
I am told my views are causing "consternation and distress".
I am sincerely sorry for your pain. I must apologize to you for causing you such discomfort.
However. If the price for my membership here is to deny my beliefs, to deny who l am, to accede to the demands of some that l remain Forever Trans...I WILL NOT!
I will not stand silent I the face of a false narrative.
If the wailing mob has its way, this may well be my final post.
It is now up to the administration to determine what kind of forum they want.

Will it be as Linde promised "different"? Or will it succumb, as have so many others, to become just another transgender echo chamber where "diversity" is just a word, meaning little more than what the ruling majority says it means.


Please don't go! Are we all supposed to feel and believe alike? If so, what does that make us? The Borg?

Some of the beliefs I now hold have resulted from disagreements that resulted in me eventually realizing the other party was right. Some changes took years of de-brainwashing—and I'm glad the other party didn't just let me go on my deluded way.

During my psych evaluation also the doctors challenged some of my statements. Some things I confirmed. Some led to further realization and discovery of some things even rather momentous.

So—to me personally disagreements are helpful and healthy. I want you to stay...

 On another Trans site I got some valuable feedback from you Complete, and then I was banished from there. Now I have had some valuable information from yourself here as well.

 Don't worry you wont offend me personally with anything that is put out there.

 Kind regards, Kirsten.


That's right kids. GO OVER THERE! Where your crazy, unpleasant ideas won't offend anyone.

Not enough attention to be gotten there?


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