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Hi everyone,

You can blame Moni for me being here too  ;D

I am from Northumberland, UK

Have suffered gender dysphoria since 2-years-old (my oldest memory). Tried to come out when I was 24 and that didn't work out - due to a lack of information, I figured I must be a drag queen, so went looking for help in those circles, was made to look like a queen and I cried because that wasn't who I was. Managed to suppress it and I thought I had it beat and then the dam finally burst end of August 2018. Was made redundant when my place of work went under, while applying for jobs, could no longer make myself tick the male box on the equality forms. It got so bad that eventually I sought help from a friend who was bisexual, in the LGBTQ+ scene and now a social worker... he didn't take it well and practically ran away, leaving me shaking and crying on the streets of Newcastle. Managed to get home and posted an appeal for help on Susans and Transgender Zone... Moni and a lot of other amazing trans people helped keep me alive and I will be eternally grateful for all their help.

Came out to my GP in September 2018 and referred to Gender clinic at same time.

Joined my local transgender support group in October 2018... Be: Trans Support and Community

Spent the first 6 months trying to hold it together, overcoming my internal transphobia, and fighting chronic gender dysphoria and massive mood swings. Came very close to ending it all in March 2019.

Started medicating dht blocker in November 2018.
Started medicating estrogen in March 2019.
Started with minoxidil in January 2020.

Came out to my cis friends in March 2019.

Felt a million times better about 2 weeks after I started on the estrogen and after coming out to my cis friends. Still not 100% but no longer wanting to end it.

Attended first Pride in June 2019 (Northumberland Pride/Alnwick).
Became the communications director for Be in June 2019. Be became a registered charity in August 2019 (the largest transgender specific charity in the north east of England).

Attended four more Pride marches over the summer (Darlington, Northern Pride/Newcastle, York, and Leeds).

Came out to my sister in January 2020, she outed me to my mother the next day, and my mother outed me to my father the week after. Came out to my daughter same week. Daughter is great, rest of family not so good. I told my wife in the first week we started dating (2003).

Currently unemployed - but do voluntary work for Be.
Spend a lot of time hiking and climbing mountains.

Although most my friends use my name already, future plan is to legally change my name in April 2020 (giving my parents time to get their act together and to save up some money in which to do it - expensive thing). Have been slowly transitioning for the last year, plan to start living full time in August 2020 (the wait is because it will be easier on my daughter as she changes schools and I will no longer need to walk her into school anymore). Hopefully have my first appointment with the Gender clinic sometime around September/October 2020.