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« on: February 09, 2020, 08:32:23 AM »
Slowly transitioning pre op mtf in my 40s here.

I say slowly, since I first came out in 1992, buying clothes at thrift stores, and dressing publically. Looking back, I would sweat terribly from fear doing this at first.
I dress more toned down now, but maybe if I sweated more, I'd be a size 4 again ;)

Referred to gender program in 1999 but it was different, and besides I had to find my own way. This took a while, but it's good.

Steady on the path since 2015

Making real strides in the past year.
Feeling revitalized fight towards transition now in 2020.

Was wondering where some folks had gone, and can see that some have posted here.

Thank you Tonya for telling me about this forum, or else I may not have looked.

Have a good day please
Head up moving forward