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I have a question for all the post-ops here...

As I mentioned on the Transgender Sexual Orientation Difference by Age of Transition tread, I was asexual because I thought I couldn't be a girl. Now that I know it's possible and am on hormones things feel completely different...

A lovely lady in my neighborhood who realized what was happening and promptly declared herself my elder sister has given me a good primer on what to expect from a normal girl's point of view. But she can obviously give me no advice on how some things work when you've become one thanks to the wonders of medicine...


How do you find heterosexual relationships with men? How does it make you feel?

I know I melt when just touched by someone I really like... but it obviously must get better. How would you describe it?

Do you have to prepare? Like dilate, or use lube beforehand?

If so... how do you manage it? Like make an excuse to run to the bathroom...? Or something else?  If so, what do you say?

How about if you are in a car, or camping, or... just on a picnic in the woods?

Also... I know no-one probably has had multiple types...LOL... but how is it different if you have CVP or PPV?

I hope to have my surgery this year... and thank you all in advance for any information and advice you can give to a fledgeling girl...

The relationship part, I will have to leave to others. Depending on the surgery you have, you might not need to use lube. If you do, you just explain your a little dry down there and it helps make it more enjoyable for you. Normal couples sometime make the lube a part of the foreplay. To do so, the woman might apply the lube to the males penis.

If your partner doesn't know your past, it makes things a little more difficult. Once the doctor gives you the OK for sex, you will probably need to dilate a few hours before sex. When you reach a year or more, you will find a dilation will go far longer. I am at the point where I go a week between dilation and if I were sexual, I could probably have sex anytime during the week though insertion might be a little slow. Also if your having sex regularly, you might find there is no need to dilate.

This depends on how your body responds to surgery and how well you maintain your dilation schedule is the early stages. Most people things work out well but a few have problems maintaining the surgical results. Play close attention to your body and make sure it gets what it needs to heal properly.

As others said before, there are lots of cis women out there who need lube, especially if they are in or post menopause. If you are in that age bracket you can blame it on menopause and he'll understand.

For practical matters, you could keep the lube next to the condoms. While he is busy putting on the condom, you can apply the lube and he wouldn't even notice.

And if you know him well enough that you don't need condoms, he certainly wouldn't mind a quick break for you to apply the lube.

Girls use things that require lube too.

And they're really fun

They're often called "dental dams" in the USA.  It's more or less a sheet of plastic or latex that you slap on to your partner before you take your tongue to them.


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