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Welcome to Trans Haven from the staff


Welcome to  Trans Haven and thank you for taking the time to check out the basics of the site. We chose the name because we, the two founding members, were on another site that was no longer willing or able to meet the needs of the members nor ours. We  hope this site will become a place where those who need support can and will find it.

As we begin operation, we will not have moderators on staff, though at some point we may add them. When that time comes they will be chosen based upon their ability, common sense, desire to help members rather than punish, will moderate based upon the site rules and not their personal opinions, and will be trained to the standards we have set for Moderators on this site.   

This site is fully functional and has many features you have come to expect but are not available on the other site. The work is still on going and may continue for a bit longer, however, what you see here works; there will be additional features available as they are developed, so the future looks bright.

This partnership consists of Dena and Christine. We think most of you know us from the other two sites. We are a couple that share common values, experiences and many interests. Our goal is to provide you with a Web site where you can feel free to express your opinions without fear of retribution.

There is a set of rules we all must abide, including us the staff; we must and will follow the same rules all members will be expected to follow. We can assure you they will be minimal, easily understood and easy to follow.

Dena (that's me). I am the Lead Administrator and Designer of this site. For those who don't know me, I had my surgery in 1982 and have worked as an Electrical Engineer, Hardware Designer, Micro Circuit Designer and Programmer, Mainframe Computer Programmer, and IT Engineer for all of my professional life. I spent 4.5 years on another site with 4 years as a senior level moderator.

My tasks currently consist of building the site to fill your needs and generating some of the basic site documentation. In the future, when moderators become part of the staff, I will train them to the high standards we have set for this site.

If you find something you believe isn't functioning properly, please let us know what the issue is; we will address it as soon as possible. As this is being written, there are no known problems.

Hi, I'm Christine, Dena's Partner here and in real Life. My job here is to assist Dena in making this the Premier Transgender Resource on the Internet. We are both engineers, though she is the best that I have ever worked with and much better than me, and I am very good. My career was more varied than hers as I have had several careers during my life. Dena does not blow her own horn so I'm going to do it for her. She is extremely brilliant, very knowledgeable, and the nicest and most honest and trustworthy person I have ever known in my life. I trust her more than I trust myself. She can discuss everything from Nuclear Energy through cooking and everything in between. When it comes to the issues facing those of us in the Transgender Community, she is an extremely valuable resource for us and this site.

I'm extremely Proud of her and what she has accomplished, her values, and her desire to help our community. She puts your interests ahead of her own. She spent countless hours building the Website you use on the other site. The site you see on your browser was built by Dena using the SMF base package. She designed the layout and did all the customization required for the site. She invested many hours building and testing it. She invested a lot of money on a test site where she could build, test and debug the software without interfering with the operation of the site.

Most everyone has heard of Copyright. It is part of a law that protects the interests of the original author of anything one writes, software one creates and all data generated by that  software. Legally, Dena is the Copyright owner of the software and data bases on this and the other site.

The Copyright Law of the US is quite specific: The United States copyright law is contained in chapters 1 through 8 and 10 through 12 of title 17 of the United States Code. Dena owns the copyright to the transrefuge Website, our website and both of their databases.

Last but not least is you, the Members. We can provide a place to meet but the members make the site. Without members the site has no reason to exist so go forth and post, making friends, asking questions, providing answers and helping those who seek your counsel. Make this place a Safe and Welcoming Haven for yourselves and others who follow you.

I'm sorry that things didn't go well at the other sites.  I know that Dena, in particlular, has worked hard for years, selflessly helping other sites and the transgender community in general, and that her actions are still motivated by the desire to support the transgender community.

Hi Mary,                         19 April 2020

Thank you for your support. You have been a very good friend through the whole process of us arriving at this place.

We don't like having to air our laundry in public but the other site continues to cast aspersions on us and what we created here and there. The latter is difficult for them to comprehend. Katie's capital outlay for the TransRefuge web site is approximately $500.00 for the year. Dena's is 30 times that. Who has the greatest investment? Dena does. I think that entitles Dena a significant say in how that site should be run. The rest of the staff have no financial interest in the site. Katie took it upon herself to become dictator in chief because she has the keys to the DreamHost account.

I know this sounds like a lot of gobbledygook so I'll try to explain. Most hosting companies only allow one password for each account, unless you want to spend a lot more money each month to have a split account with two Admin positions. For Dena and I, it would be a waste of money that we can utilize to purchase extra features, like personal email accounts, and other items our internet provider has available.

This site is not about Dena or me, it's about you the members. You will Not see Dena nor I posting on member threads unless the member has a question or problem we can help them with. We hope members will welcome new members to the site and interact with them. We will interact with members when they want us to. All they have to do is ask. This can be done publicly via post or privately by PM.

If anyone has a complaint about anything feel free to contact me publicly or privately by PM. I have a thick skin and can take anything anyone can throw at me. If anyone believes I did something wrong, tell me and please document your complaint. You will NOT be sanctioned for doing so. If I mess up and you let me know, you will get Brownie points and I'll take the sanction due me. I am not above the rules. Dena and I have to abide by the exact same rules as you the members.

That's about it for tonight's visit. Thank You all for visiting your site.

Best Always, Love



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