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My Orchiectomy Surgical Thread
« on: February 18, 2020, 07:16:58 PM »
Hi Folks,                  18 February 2020

Dena and I have completed our documentation of my Orchiectomy, which occurred Friday 13 April 2018 in the  Male to Female Surgical Images Board. The documentation includes surgical photos, hence the requirement that you request membership.


Instructions on gaining the required membership:

To view the subject thread you must request group membership. Go to: Profile>modify profile>Group Membership it will take you to this setting.

You will also find MTF and FTM surgical images as a selection. Clicking on these makes a request to become a part of the group, subject to approval by a staff member. Approval by a staff member will insure someone doesn't join just to view surgical images.


If you are already a member, the following link will take you to our thread:,448.0.html

Take care,

Best Always, Love

Dena and Christine
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