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I'm back


After my suicide attempt last week I got into a science program for rTMS. It is magnetical waves into the brain. Instead of ECT. I've been treated 6 times, 14 left. I FEEL ALIVE!! I feel like myself. I cal smile and laugh! On only 6 treatments. It is absolutely amazing.

I have also told everyone at the hospital that I'm a dude. They will call me by my name.

I was shocked to here about the atempt but I know what it is like,... I have been close myself.
 That treatment sounds interesting. I think it has been around for quite a while and has a good reputation unlike ECT.
 It is so good to hear you are doing OK.

 I hope you can get to the bottom of the issue driving the bad times.

 I found certain trusted people good for dealing with the bad times, just being able to talk in confidence helps so much. I found the really low mood/ loss of hope is only bad for days or weeks and then eases off.

 Glad to hear you are well,
                                            warm regards, Kirsten.

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Yeah. I talk now. I've been in psych hospital since January 7.

The psychiatrist believes I'm bipolar type 2.

I will try lithium.

Thank you.

I have found people IRL to talk to too. I'm not hiding it anymore. I need to be me to survive.
I have to have a serious talk with my husband when I get home. Not looking forward to that. He will be devastated.


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