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I’ve been out hiking on my own today. Just above 8 km. It was amazing to finally come out in the forest and just be myself.

Haha. I also got to experience the curse of being a dude. One guy saw me walking behind him. About 200 meters behind. He started walking really fast, turning his head a couple of times to see if I also speeded up my steps. Didn’t know I looked so intimidating.

I will do another hike tomorrow. I will need to drive to the wildlife preserve. I still have some hiking company to invite. Most people has no time for that. People are afraid of Corona. Best way to avoid Corona is in the forest where you don’t meet other people. And absolutely no sick people. Sick people don’t manage the trails.

Even if I might have no company, I’m going. 

Noone wanted to join. So....I did a solo hike. 12 km. 5 hours. Lunch by the lake. And coffee break with a sandwich when I had 4 km left to my car.

The paths were sometimes very muddy. You can see that on my shoes.

I had my hiking back pack on. It weight 9 kg when I left home. About 7 kg when I got home. Drank a lot of water. Need to practice for this summer. We’re going hiking in northern Sweden. Feet and boots need to fit like a glove.

The weather was perfect. I love hiking! Put your hiking pictures and stories in this thread. I know I’m not alone having this hobby. :)


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