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Hi Linde,                 08 March 2020

Yeah, we're probably of opposite sides of the fence, I like nothing about socialism. Spent my life busting my butt to get ahead. I don't mind helping folks that need it, but I don't like the idea of the guberment taking my money and giving it to whomever they choose.

It becomes a way of life for the recipient, who expects it, doesn't appreciate it and never gets off the guberment teat.

It'll all come down to the vote this November.

Best Always, Love



--- Quote from: Lexxi on March 11, 2020, 01:03:53 AM ---Hi Christine,

Aren't you on Social Security or Medicare? Or I guess you might be on the military version of those two programs. I think the military version of Medicare is maybe called Trimark, but I can't remember what the version of Social Security is called. My aunt is on whatever it is and she rather enjoys it.

Anyway...all four of those programs (Social Security, Medicare, Trimark, and the government retirement program) are Socialist programs, so there are at least some Socialist things you like. Without them you wouldn't be able to enjoy your retirement, because before Democratic Socialist programs came along you would have had to continue working until you dropped dead...and no one liked doing that I'm sure.

I just wanted to point out that most every single person really likes Socialist programs...they just quite often don't have any idea that they're benefiting from them until someone points it out.

With great love, affection and my utmost respect,


--- End quote ---

Hi Lexxi,                11 March 2020

I have paid into social security since I started working in 1954, I have paid into Medicare since it's inception in the early 60's. I wasn't given a choice, the guberment took my money against my will.

When you reach 65 you are eligible to join Medicare. You automatically get Medicare Part A, Part B you can opt in or out. If you opt out you have no medical insurance and you cannot buy any. Since I had no choice and the consequences of not joining are quite severe, most folks join whether they like it or not.

Medicare doesn't cover everything so I buy what is called a Medigap policy from a private insurance company. The policy I have covers everything Medicare doesn't cover. Depending upon which policy you choose, it can get fairly expensive. Luckily, I bought my policy in 2009 and it went into affect 01 Jan 2010. I have a Plan J. which cannot be purchased today. I can keep mine because I am Grandfathered in. Plan J is expensive. If I change companies, I lose plan J and cannot get it back.

Yes I have VA coverage. I spent 8 years of my life with the military. I was subjected to medical experimentation against my will. I received some small injuries and some permanent damage to my earballs. I use them mainly for hearing aids and some meds. I use private doctors for medical issues. In the private world I choose my doctors, In the VA I am assigned to a doctor.

So the net net is, I really didn't have a choice, I was forced into social programs. Keep in mind, I paid money into Social Security and Medicare all my working life. I kind of think that since they took my money against my free will, they owe me. Had I a choice in the matter, I could have invested the money and had a much better retirement. As for Medicare, it caused a huge increase in cost of medical care.

People on Medicaid are getting a free ride; they paid nothing in and get everything out. Can't say I like that.

I can tell you like socialism and you are a Democrat; whatever floats your boat. Just keep in mind, socialism only works until you run out of other people's money. Socialism is a consumer and produces nothing in return.... except dependency.

Best Always, Love



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