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Told him

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Told my husband I need to be myself. He replied we need to divorse.

Thank you. Yes. I know where I have my friends. Friends are more important than ever now.

Thank you all.

I try to focus on doing stuff I like. With friends. I was ready for this. He already told me last year.

If COVID19 does not kill me I will be fit for summer because my hiking in the wildelife preserves.

I'm proud you told him Tony.
Sorry for what it's bringing to you.  But you were true and real to do it.

Now he is bringing up old memories. And he says he loves me. But I CAN’T stay in this body anymore. He said maybe you can accept your body. I told him I have tried hard to do that. I told him about my suicide attempt. And why.

I guess it’s his way to process it all. Atleast we’re not fighting.

I told him it is unfair of me to force him to stay if it does not work out for him. Just as much as it is unfair of him to try forcing me to be someone I am not.


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