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So. I have a cold.


So. I have a cold. Headache. Tingeling nose. Feeling sick. But no fever. No coughing. Not yet anyway.

This is a good cause to stay at home. My oldest boy also has a headache.

Lucky me we have a huge load of food at home. I’ve been prepping since last year. We will manage atleast two weeks isolated. All 4 of us.

This is one of the cupboards. Lots of canned food on top shelf.

And the full size freezer is full of chicken, pork, fish, other meat and vegetables.

Linde, exactly. :D

Oh the irony.

First suicidal. Survived. Feeling like a king. Then I get a cold, maybe corona, and have to be quarantined. I’m not allowed to go out. Not allowed to meet people besides my family. Who knows if we all survive this or not.

Lucky my family I’m a prepper. We have enough food to manage atleast 2 weeks in quarantine. All 4 of us.

Seen reports from Italy. This is not just a common cold. It’s dangerous.

But I don’t panic. If I panic, my kids will too.

Thank you Moni. Will check that out. :)


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