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Strange Phenomena


                  15 March 2020

Tonight I went out with one of my pups for his evening constitutional. Before we reached the curb there was a large lightning strike above the cloud cover. It lit the area up and took a long time for the thunder to appear, thus indicating the strike was very close to being further away than it could have been had the humidity been more conducive to conduction.

Just as we stepped off the curb, there was a flash above the house across the street and it continued sort of dancing across the front of the house, though not touching it.

It was different in that there was no sound, there were round balls interspersed along the light streaks dancing around the house.

I have witnessed many lightning strikes in my life, some closer than I'd have liked. This strike was something totally different, so different I thought I might have imagined it. But I didn't imagine it. It was as real as an all white post.

At any rate, when I got back to the house I told Dena what I had seen and that it was probably imagined or due to my eye situation.

She thought for a moment and said "Ball Lightning." Sure enough that's what it was; we looked it up on the net. In 1960 it was estimated that only 3% of the people on earth had ever witnessed this phenomena. I'm sure Katie has witnessed them more times than I have; this was my first. Hotshit, at least I'm second best.

I think I'll mount a security camera on the top of my helmet so it can grab a photo next time it occurs. I'm a firm believer in being prepared, it was the motto of the girl scout troop I spent my youth with.




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