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Privacy Policy presented to members joining the site.
« on: March 16, 2020, 10:48:58 PM »
We use email verification as part of the security. You should receive the email no more than 10 minutes after you create your account. Sometimes domains may be blacklisted by your internet provider. If you fail to receive your email, contact and you will be cleared for access to the site. Provide your user name only. We don't require your password.

TransHaven members have been where you are so your security is important to us. We do our best to keep spammers, people who gather personal information and those who don't have the best intentions off the site however one may still gain access to the site. Should you discover an issue, there is a report to moderator or report to administrator button on anything you view. Please use the button and report any issues to us. Your report will remain between you and the staff.

We have access to your IP address and email address for site functions. This information is accessible only to staff and isn't shared or sold to others. You may use a secondary email address and a fictitious user name to protect your identity. We can change your account user name if you made a mistake when you selected your user name.  Post only what you're comfortable with as the internet is forever.

Should a security issue occur, the staff will assist you with site issues. We have no control over what is archived off site so carefully consider what you post.

A copy of this will be posted in Policies and Site Information.
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