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Dena... thank you. I'm glad you exist.


Incredibly glad... because I think you truly wish to make this a place where heartfelt thoughts and feelings are not policed or curtailed. And where differences are accepted and maybe—hopefully—can even be understood.

I said goodbye to the transosphere a few weeks ago to concentrate on what I must do in real life. Because at this point I already know my path. And it will take most of my energy to get there.

So I probably can't be nearly as active as I've been in the past... but hope from my heart that you can accomplish here what you wished to elsewhere.

And that I can as time permits also in some small way help by reaching out to those who have the same fears, needs and feelings as I do.

Hi Dena.  I have to echo Zirconia's words and feelings. Like Zirconia, my hope is that a true diversity of ideas, goals and outlooks can be looked at, discussed, examined and accepted for simply what they are: a diversity of ideas, goals, and individual perspectives.
Again, thank you Dena, for all your efforts and hard work.

Thank you for sticking with me. We still have the rule about personal bashing but you can challenge ideas with other ideas in controversial topics. The public area is for normal discussion while the private area is for the rest. If we need to, I will expand the area to fill the need for other topics that don't fit the current categories.

I have been playing with a starter post that will cover the history that created the U.S.A. political divide. There is a good deal of history that I am sure many are not aware of but they should understand before deciding on a political idea. The idea is based on know your enemy. Don't hold your breath for the post because it covers a good deal of history and will take a while to bang out.

Remember that I may have forgot something or there might be way of doing things better. Suggestions are welcome and will be considered though I reserve the right not to act on them. For example, I already know I didn't create a Sexuality board or Youth board. I don't see the need for them yet but reserve the right to add them latter.

I am also looking at tweaking a few things. For example the Recent list which is the most useful page on the site lacks the users online information. I discovered that this will require a coding change to make it happen and the books are on the way as I don't know PHP yet. Font sizes can be altered and I know where they are but I haven't had time to work through the file yet. It turns out almost every thing you see on a web page can be adjusted. I have already made the margins on the page narrower as they look neat but waste screen space. I set the configuration so that little up arrow in the upper right hand corner of the screen will allow you to collapse the top of the screen. It makes things more compact so screen movements are smaller to get to where you want to be. Just remember that I might not see something that could be done better.

This could end up being the smallest site on the internet but I hope we can make it the most welcoming one. To me, the number of members isn't important but the number of happy members is.

Also remember that had Christine not surprised me with the information that she had purchased a web site while I was sleeping, I would have probably not created this site. It just seemed ashamed to let it go to waste when I was out of a job. A number of things were different but it wall went pretty smooth and your here to judge the results.


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