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Hi Folks,                 24 December 2019

Short story about chocolate and me

Eleven years ago I found myself feeling great one minute and 10-15 min later I would feel like I was ready to fall off a cliff. I went to the doctor numerous times over a three year period. They ran every test imaginable and then some that were unimaginable; they did a Brain Scan and found nothing; that was encouraging. The only diagnosis I received was that I was in perfect health. No one could explain what was causing the strange feelings.

My office is connected to the kitchen on the west side and the living room on the south. My normal point of ingress and egress is the west facing door, through the kitchen. On my way through that door I have to pass the reefer on the north side.

One particular day, as I passed through that door, I did what I had habitually been doing the past three years. When I got to the reefer, I opened the door, reached for the top shelf and grabbed a handful of dark chocolate of whatever variety I wanted at that particular moment.

All of a sudden, it dawned on me that I was eating an enormous quantity of chocolate every day, which could have possibly been the cause of the strange feelings. I had three large containers of various dark chocolate: Large Hershey Special Dark 1/2 lb. bar broken into chunks, Dark semi-sweet chocolate chips, and a container full of Hershey Dark Chocolate Kisses. Suddenly I realized at that moment I was eating over one pound of chocolate each day, and had been for the previous three years.

I decided at that moment that I was destroying my health with this crazy and unhealthy obsession/habit, I grabbed all the containers containing chocolate and dumped them all in the sink-alligator. There was one unopened bag of chocolate chips in with all the other stuff. I took that bag and placed it in the bottom of the freezer so I'd have a reference point for when this took place. Three days after dumping the chocolate, I felt good and have stayed that way.

Best Always, Love


Hi Folks,                25 December 2019

A partial post from elsewhere.

On another note, this brings me to an issue I could use some help with: I have allowed my hair to grow out for over a year. It's down to just above my bum. The problem is, it is very fine and kind of kinky, like a Brillo pad. It's a bear trying to make it look like something decent. Saying it looks like a Brillo Pad is being kind; it looks "worser."

Do any of you know of a way, short of cutting it all off and buying a wig,  to tame this wild child?

I have run out of ideas. I tried using an iron and all it did was melt a bunch of it and burn my right ear to where it required plastic surgery.

I tried motor oil and that didn't work either. I ended up smelling like the crankcase of an old worn out engine.

Nothing I've tried has come anywhere close to solving this problem and I need help. Please don't suggest that I take a torch to it; been there, done that. Have you ever smelled burning hair? Works great if your looking for appetite suppression.

I need some really good advice so I can tame my "Kinky hair Dysphoria" cause it's driving me nutty; oops, have none of those.

My head looks like a cross between Larry of the "Three Stooges" and Christopher LLoyd (Emmett 'Doc' Brown) of "Back to the Future" fame .... and hopefully, fortune.

Please, I need help with this issue before I do something stupid, if you know what I mean, cause I sure don't.

Thanks in advance for your help and hopefully you all are enjoying a Very Merry Christmas.

Best Always, Love


Hi Folks,            25 December 2019

Just came up with a great idea on how to keep my post count high; I'll post my conversations rather than use PM's. I'm sure everyone will enjoy being able to tune in on them.

Best Always, Love


Hi Folks,              25 December 2019

I don't want to spend the weekend working on my melon and end up having it look like it was worked on by some contestant on the "Ted Mack's Amateur Hour" TV show (guess I'm showing my age).

Think I'll find a pro that can do it in 15 minutes.

I'm trying to get the turkey dinner finished I am preparing for my Coyote friend and my three pups.

Have you ever had a Coyote befriend you? I have and it is one of the most rewarding relationships I have had in the animal kingdom. Guess I better get busy and write the true story of our relationship.

She is gone now and I really do miss her. It was a one in 400 million chance opportunity.

Best Always, Love


Hi Folks,               26 December 2019

This is a true story about a friend of mine named Sheba

Sheba initiated a friendship with me during mid spring of 2017.  During spring through late fall, I mowed the pasture, trying to not allow it to become overgrown; my daily routine was to take my largest dog there for her daily walk and business. This gave me an opportunity to visually see the growth of the vegetation and allowed me to decide when to mow. I found it was much easier to mow when it was about 3 inches in length.

Sometimes I would use a riding mower and other times I'd use a commercial walk-behind. I preferred the walk-behind as it afforded me additional exercise. I calculated the distance I walked to be 7.7 miles minimum.

During early spring the first few mowing's were done with the riding mower. On one of those early mowing's a Coyote came into the pasture, laid down and watched me. When I would stop the mower and get off to clear a clog, she would get up and come over towards me, also keeping a reasonable distance between us. She would walk back and forth parallel with the direction I mowed watching me. I never attempted to close the distance between us or make any gestures she might interpret as threatening. This went on for two or three weeks, each time coming closer to me.

What intrigued me was that when I would start to mow, and  she was nowhere in sight, within 5 minutes she would show up. Coyotes have incredible hearing, 85 K hertz on the top end and about a 10 mile range.

I got her used to my whistle so when I went to the pasture for a reason other than mowing I'd whistle. Sure enough she would show up within 5 minutes if she was in hearing range. Pretty soon she would come to the pasture and wait for me to show up. The neighbors got so used to seeing her and me that if she showed up and I wasn't already there, they would call me and tell me Sheba was there waiting for me.

I began taking her treats and small amounts of food. She lost all fear of me and when she was far out in the pasture and would either see me or hear my whistle, she would come running to me. Sometimes early in the morning she would come up to my house and wait for me at the front of the house by the curb.

I got to worrying that her having lost all fear of me might be a problem if that transferred to humans in general. Didn't take long and I found that I was the only human she didn't fear. A friend of mine came into the pasture while I was there with her. As soon as she spotted my friend she high tailed it into the brush. She would remain there until other humans left. That told me she was not habituated to humans, just me.

Our relationship continued into the middle of summer. On 06 July 2017 I went out early to take Sheba her morning treats. Before I could get into the street she saw me and came running faster than I had seen her run before. She came right to me and was jumping around like my dogs do when I return after having been gone a couple of weeks.  I had never seen her so happy before. We went down into the pasture to the spot where I normally put her treats and food. As we were walking across the pasture I noticed another Coyote following us.

When we arrived at the usual spot I placed her food in her bowl and set it down and then walked back towards where we came from, I watched her eat and then the Coyote that was following moved up to where she was. It was a larger male Coyote. As soon as he got close to her she backed away from the food allowing him to have his fill, which turned out to be all of it.

Decided to leave and watch from a distance. Her parents and siblings were there; it appeared to be a family celebration. As I watched the interactions of all the Coyotes there I realized this was a Coyote courtship ritual. Sheba found a mate. At that point I realized she was thanking me for our friendship and would be going away to be a real Coyote and start her own family.

That was a happy and sad day for me. I didn't want her to leave but I knew she had to. She needed to be a real Coyote and to live the life she was supposed to.

For a couple weeks I'd go down to the pasture and call her several times each day. Each day became more difficult to reconcile that she was gone and most likely I would never see her again.

It's now two years and five months since she left. I still miss her and call for her hoping she will one day come running to me. I know that's wishful thinking. The average life span for a Coyote in the wild is about three years. It's a tough life for a Coyote in the wild.

I was hoping she and her mate would come to my house where I have a large dog house in a nice kennel. It is secluded with a lot of natural cover. I would have removed the gates so they could come and go at will. I had all the meds that would insure they were vaccinated for all the canine diseases they might encounter and meds to prevent heartworms, ticks and fleas. They would have had a chance to live long and healthy lives in safety.

I figured the chances of having a Coyote befriend me as a 1 in 400 million chance. It is a great honor to have had her choose me to be her human friend. I miss her and always will; it was a special relationship that will never be replicated.

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