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I'm here


Looks like my account was deleted.
I'll check back sometime and see if I can have pictures and messages again.
Stay happy and healthy

It's possible you can bring them over from another site. They are yours, after all.

We will attempt to recover your posts. We hadn't done so before because we needed an account to tie the posts to.  You had 37 posts before the cleanup and we should be able to link them back to your account. The problem is they are in the trash and some were a part of a removed thread. We will need to review each post to see where it fits in and if it belongs in public, we will restore it. Your avatar and PMs are gone and can't be restored. I was cooking this morning so we will tackle your account this afternoon and see what can be done.

Welcome to TransHaven and I hope you enjoy your stay.

We went through your posting history and unfortunately most of your posts were to threads that will remain deleted. Your visible post count is 7 but Christine bumped you up to 15 so you can access your profile and PM.

Thank you for going through the trouble Dena.
I'm mostly offline lately, bit it's good to know im set up and have a place here.
Stay healthy and bless you


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