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I must be lacking in drama? (TL:DR)

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--- Quote from: Elisabeth on May 16, 2020, 02:55:03 PM --- . . still have the domain and have thought about resurrecting my old forum . . am a huge fan and alternative Fortean topics like UFOs, conspiracies, aliens and weird stuff because I'm kind of a nut.  :)
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        Ah! A Star Trek fan since day one I'm fast becoming a believer! Have you seen Netflix's "Unacknowledged"? Don't trust our deep state, suppose anything is plausible, am forever frustrated just can't get it up to Warp Speed . .

lol Can make it run faster but after a "set/stop" can't make the "stars streak/ trail out!"
        The problem I see with the new software, aside from less stock functionality, is third party developers ain't what they used to be with "hacking the internet" days largely over. Lost my original account at and it took an act of God to reinstate access but the "mods" are still there and, with a little tweaking, am still successfully running both 3.8.2 and 3.8.12 on same server ERROR FREE running PHP 5.4 and PHP 7.2 respectively.

Maintaining a site is easy but keeping up with deliberate php changes, so ya need to buy more software, is a 'B' which one can be easily overcome by simply following the "flagged error lines" and copy/incorporating new syntax changes into the older version software. Tried UltraEdit32 yet? It actually also does multi-file, line-by-line, synchronized scrolling for easy code comparisons.

But know what you mean Elisabeth am NOT reinstalling YEARS worth of mods!

--- Quote from: Dena on May 17, 2020, 07:36:25 AM --- . . 7.3 PHP which is the latest and greatest . . why make a code change when somebody else has already done it and might maintain it for you.
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Well I seriously question that 1st statement Dena and that someone might maintain it? If "already done for you" then how does one ever learn? Self-modifying code?


--- Quote from: Kiera on May 18, 2020, 12:49:33 AM ---Well I seriously question that 1st statement Dena and that someone might maintain it? If "already done for you" then how does one ever learn? Self-modifying code?

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I am using far to many mods already to fix all of them and run the site at the same time. I probably have the skill to do it with about 40 years of several assemblers, 7 years of fortran with some C and Basic thrown in. On the other hand, if I am lucky, most of the mods may already be compatible and just require testing. That's a project for latter as I suspect it will be a year or two before I will need to think about it.

Elisabeth you have amazing hair,.  I wouldn't mind knowing what you do for it.
I think I need a trim for mine to grow longer


--- Quote from: Maddie on May 19, 2020, 07:18:57 AM ---Elisabeth you have amazing hair,.  I wouldn't mind knowing what you do for it.
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Oh gosh, thanks! I love my hair!

Considering all the brutally mean things I've done to it over the years, I'm lucky I still have it. Thanks for asking too. I consider my hair one of my best assets. Most women when they get to a certain age go with a shorter style but I haven't had short hair since I was nine and as long as it keeps growing, I'll let it.

This was my hair in February of 2019 and it's a couple inches longer now. I am naturally blonde but I go to the salon every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on when I can afford it to have my highlights touched up. I have the ends trimmed about every third time I go. It's been a while since I've been and I'm kind of hating it at the moment but with things opening up, I'll be making an appointment soon.

I try to eat a relatively healthy diet. Pizza, tacos and beer are healthy, right? I'm not sure if it helps but I also take a daily multi-vitamin and biotin supplement. I usually only shampoo my hair twice or sometimes three times a week if I'm out and about and it gets really dirty but since the quarantine, I've only been washing it once a week. In between, I'll rinse it and use conditioner, otherwise I'd never get a comb through it. I alternate using a purple shampoo for blonde hair and regular Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner. My hair is fine and tends toward the dry side so along with an occasional mask, I routinely rub some Moroccan argan oil through it which keeps it hydrated and adds a little shine. 

Normally when I go to bed, I put it up in a knot/bun so it doesn't end up a tangled rat's nest but since the lockdown, have just been leaving it that way and avoid looking in the mirror. If I'm seeing someone or going out, I always leave it down because I'm an insecure bitch and it hides half of my stupid face that way.  :)

I try to use as little heat on it as possible and let it mostly air dry but usually finish up with a blow dryer. Typically if I'm going somewhere or out to the bar for a night on the town, I'll throw some waves in it with a curling iron like above but sometimes I'll just leave it straight. This is from sometime last summer after I'd had it shortened a bit with just a blow out and left uncurled.

My crappy old phone camera sucks at capturing the color but this one below is pretty close to how it usually comes out after a trip to the salon and is about the same color as it was when I was in high school and it was down to my waist. Considering I haven't had it done since February, it looks pretty crappy at the moment and I'm less than loving it.

Thanks again for your comment. Obviously I'm quite a narcissistic egomaniac when it comes to my hair! Sorry for the big photos.

 Nice shooting tex.  :)

Love the waves, but totally get why that's not every day..

If I'm caught in a photo with my hair back, I cringe.  Doesn't matter what looked good in the mirror before.
I need to shroud and shape my face with curls for a look I'm confident with.


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