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I must be lacking in drama? (TL:DR)

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Welcome from me as well Elisabeth!

      22 yr-old daughter spells it "Elizabeth" and, obviously liking the name, I'll try to keep yours right lest someone 'round here should BITE!

Cheers Your
Friendly Coward @ Heart,


Hi, I'll add my welcome.  I often disagree with you but I recognise your intelligence and wealth of experience, and two of your brownie points at Dev's Place were from me.  In fact, your reputation points to number of posts ratio there was extraordinarily high, so some members must have appreciated you. 


--- Quote from: Maddie on May 16, 2020, 07:00:46 AM ---Welcome Elisabeth.
I have a cousin who spells her name as you do.
--- End quote ---

Thank you, Maddie!

Being a kid living at home with my parents when time came to stop using my boy name, my mom had a lot of input on what my girl name was to be. I had put my folks through unimaginable crap for years and when they did do something supportive and understanding I generally went along with whatever being as cooperative as I could to take advantage of whatever advancements I could make.

Had I been born female, my mom would have named me Elizabeth Diane so I just went with that. Being somewhat of an Anglophile who was very good at doing several British accents for fun, she’s the one that decided to replace the z with an s thinking it was more continental or something?

After using Elisabeth for fifty years, I’ve often humorously wondered if she did this as a way of getting her little digs in or as a subtle cruel trick because I’ve had to spell it for people and have had it misspelled for my whole life since? Half the people that know me IRL use my middle name because it’s easier and people don’t call me Liz! There’s a lot of nicknames I’ve used at various times online like Lisa, Elise and even Beth once but just decided to go with my real name for once.

My parents are the ones that did my legal name change when I was still a minor and I didn’t have a lot of say in it. I’ve recently encountered a situation where this has become problematic because at the time, they had the records of that sealed. When my mom died when I was 25, I lost all the paperwork showing my name had been changed but wasn’t the least concerned about it. It wasn’t something I ever needed.

I was born in Ohio, one of the two remaining US states where it is impossible to get a changed birth certificate no matter what you do and I’ve never had one other than the original. I’ve managed somehow to get by without ever needing one either UNTIL I tried to file for Social Security retirement benefits even though I’ve only ever had a social security number under my present name as a female.

I have a birth certificate with a boy name and gender marker but no way to prove it is mine unless I hire a lawyer and go to court to get my name change records unsealed and I can’t afford that nor do I really want to go through the embarrassment of it. Due to adoption laws and stuff, getting these types of records unsealed is notoriously difficult where I live now so I’m kind of stuck with this issue at the moment.

In this respect, it sucks to have to deal with being trans after all this time. It really bothers me.

--- Quote from: Maddie ---I'm happy for you and your longtime ex that you are still in each other's lives. Just feels right when human relationships don't have to end with permanently burnt bridges.
--- End quote ---

Yeah, that’s pretty neat. There are 3 other people I’ve had LTRs with. I’m still great lifelong friends with two of them.

--- Quote from: Maddie ---May places like your sports bar and grill will be safe again.
Hoping sometime this year..
--- End quote ---

They have actually been reopened for a week, supposedly with social distancing measures? My BFF has been after me for days wanting me to go with her tonight and there’s a slim chance I might give into her nagging but it’s doubtful. I’d like to wait another week or two to see if opening things up causes a new spike in infections.


--- Quote from: Kiera on May 16, 2020, 11:09:37 AM ---Welcome from me as well Elisabeth!

Remember what version of Vb you ran?
--- End quote ---

Thanks for the welcome, Kiera! Nice to meet you.

I don't remember what version I was running but I do recall a new version of PHP came out that would have clobbered all my extensive mods if I upgraded VB to be compatible. I still have the domain and have thought about resurrecting my old forum but would be so much work and cost more than it’s worth. BTW, it was about motorsports primarily since I am a huge fan and alternative Fortean topics like UFOs, conspiracies, aliens and weird stuff because I'm kind of a nut.  :)

--- Quote from: MaryT on May 16, 2020, 12:04:56 PM ---Hi, I'll add my welcome.  I often disagree with you but I recognise your intelligence and wealth of experience, and two of your brownie points at Dev's Place were from me.  In fact, your reputation points to number of posts ratio there was extraordinarily high, so some members must have appreciated you.

--- End quote ---

Thanks to you too, MaryT for the howdy over on this side of town. I do of course remember you.

I guess I'm one of those polarizing people you either like or can't stand? Sometimes I can't stand myself so I guess it all works out?  ::)


--- Quote from: Elisabeth on May 16, 2020, 12:39:39 AM ---PS
I owned, admined and heavily modded a vBulletin forum for 3 years by myself with several hundred members. Might start playing with SMF in case the draft board should get desperate enough call my number somewhere down the line.  ::)

--- End quote ---
I am running about a 7.3 PHP which is the latest and greatest with 2.0.17 SMF. This version of SMF doesn't really run clean with that level of PHP but it's rigged to ignore the error messages. Because I know an upgrade to 2.1.1 SMF is in the future, I am pretty much sticking to the publicly available mods to the site. Besides that, why make a code change when somebody else has already done it and might maintain it for you.

The thing that bothers me about modifications is the way they work. Years ago, I wrote one self modifying code program. I knew the dangers of it but I had to fit a large chunk of code in a small space. Modifications are one step away from that but carry the additional danger that they may not survive and upgrade. Even now, I have a modification that was written for the beta of 2.0.1. There has to be a better way or perhaps every so often they should incorporate the modification ideas into the next SMF release so there isn't a constant problem of incompatibility.

Hopefully by using the latest and greatest, I can put this problem off until something better comes along as the web platform will allow me to select older versions of PHP.


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