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     I don't have a lot to share. I'm Elisabeth's buddy and am actually here because she told me about this little place. She mentioned that it was open in the regard that merely having an opinion or belief won't send you to banishland. My interest was piqued and so here I am. I hope to interact with all of you at the appropriate time and as the opportunity arises.  HAGD!

Friends with Elisabeth carries good weight with me. Welcome. You can read my old posts from the start if your interested in what l've been willing to share. The same applies to most everyone else here. Will you share a bit of yourself with us?

Hi Complete, Thank you. . I am pretty cookie cutter. Another late transitioned tranner.  I have run the gamut of the forums and am here mostly because Elisabeth is. I'm not her intellectual equal so the content I post will most likely not set anything on fire. I just wanted to test all this out as it has been some time since I have forayed into a forum setting and E said this one has real promise. I am better at questions than I am at answers so I bery much look forward to learning things here. I notice that you and Dena, like Elisabeth are long past most of what many here are in the midst of. In fact, it doesn't really appear we share the same paradigms at all. I've learned much from Elisabeth and I think perhaps if only vicariously, she's been helped a tiny bit by me? I love bridges and hope to cross some and help build some while I'm here. I'm of the mind that after an age, unlearning what I think I know comes to be the basis of real learning, albeit with a skeptics heart?
      Peace to all and I very much look forward to all of our interactions.

Welcome to TransHaven. Yes, I hate to ban members however spammers can be quite entertaining. The game is to see how quickly you can get the ban in place as often they are attempting to make as many posts as possible.

As for opinions, I have been there and done that. 4.5 years moderating on a site where I wasn't permitted to express my political opinions. What was worst is my opinions were the opposite of the site owner. I decide to do so because I was there to help others and I could talk politics on other sites. I hope to be a little more open here but don't worry, I am open to other viewpoints. It's the only way to test your view of the world and sometimes you learn something you didn't know.

We are just getting started but we hope to grow by offering a place where one can receive help and you're free to express yourself. It would be a very boring world if everybody thought the same way.

I was part of that "Site" for some time and it was what led me away from forum formats. Ultimately,I felt that there was an ulterior motive there by the owner and none of her motivations involved altruistic endeavors.


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