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The question here seems to be what happened here. I don't have direct contact with Antisthenes so I don't know much more about this than you do. There is something I have known for many years that has always determined how I responded to those venturing out of the closet for the first time.

Many of you have alway known what you were and what you needed to do. The problem you faced was getting around the obstacles that were in you path. For some fear of the unknown can be greater than the fear of death. Emotions are on a knife edge and it takes very little to tip decisions one way or the other.

The problem is it's difficult to determine the state of mind of somebody who is joining for the first time. The front they put up may not indicate that their emotions are on the edge of crashing and the least little remark could cause everything to come crashing down. In a much larger forum, this isn't as much of a problem because you can fade back into the crowd until you're ready to face others. Here it's possible to receive more attention than you're able to handle.

Being silent isn't the solution. Instead, keep the conversation light, answer questions and be helpful. Save the deeper discussions until we know each other better. You will know when this is by the topics the new member engages in.

Antisthenes needs some time to think things though. The little peek of our site has greatly disturbed her view of the world so she has much to consider. I don't know if she will return to us or prefer to remain in the world as she knows it. If she doesn't return, I hope she can find happiness. If she does return, she is more than welcome. She showed a good deal of courage joining us and I hope her short stay with us was beneficial.

We will leave her account active for a few more days should she decide to rejoin us but if she doesn't, we will honor her deletion request.


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