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--- Quote from: Antisthenes on May 20, 2020, 11:45:19 AM ---I don't have a lot to share. I'm Elisabeth's buddy...
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Name dropper!

So you're a Greek philosopher now, eh? Don't worry, I wasn't up to your intellectual competence enough to know who that was until Mr. Google showed me the way. I came across a quote from them that seems appropriate to the tone of some of the discussions here?

--- Quote ---The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue.
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You're already a step ahead of the game in that regard. You tell me all the time I'm full of bullsh!t and nonsense but that's why we're pals.. I guess?  :P

But hey, anyone that can put up with me whining through epic length emails over the same stupid MGTOW man for the last few years and all my other life’s trials and tribulations is okay in my book. Either that or she’s a glutton for punishment?  ::)

Welcome friend, I'm glad you're here and ready to rumble!



--- Quote from: Antisthenes on May 20, 2020, 11:45:19 AM --- . . Elisabeth's buddy and am actually here because she told me about this little place.
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      Hello and Welcome! Am unsure how to pronounce
"A n t i s t h e n e s"
will need help on that one but, in any event, I too invited someone else here today . .

      A member from my local therapist's "ZOOM group" named "Keri' and assured her this place (oops sorry bad 'vibe') this space IS different actually
All My Ideal Forum Dreams have come true!
Cheers Kiera
(ps: i see your count is already that's Dena/Christine for ya!)

An tis thun eez... As Elisabeth already pointed out, I totally ripped off a Greek Philosopher of his handle. He's dead so I don't think he cares? Basically the philosophy comprises an open mind and jaundiced eye. He's Socrates ethicicist ?....Thanks for the welcome Kiera...see you around the "space"  ;).

Things I wanted to add now that my 3:30pm breakfast has hit my bloodstream and a few of my crusty synapses have begun to awaken and fire.

--- Quote from: Antisthenes on May 20, 2020, 02:39:02 PM ---I am pretty cookie cutter. Another late transitioned tranner.
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Don’t sell yourself short. You’re a little more woke and self-aware than your average bear and have put up with me, a punk snottyass transkid elitist getting in your face all the time and we’ve only wanted to stab the other in the throat a on a half a dozen occasions in the last few years which is saying something?

From you, I have learned a level of understanding and compassion about “late transition tranners” previously unknown and at least on an intellectual level, my thinking has been expanded and I’ve been making strides at not being such a total dick to “your type” through our getting to know one another and I appreciate that.

I’m still though what you kindly call “an adorable troll”.  You know it and I know it and those that haven’t figured it out yet soon will! Regardless, you’ve been a good friend and I ♥ you man! [/lovefest]

Now I’ll go back to being my punkass snotty transkid elitist self lest my reputation become tarnished.

Cheers!  8)

*Sniff :)*  thanks, man!


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